“Glee” Star Naya Rivera Presumed Dead at 33 in Mysterious Disappearance — Illuminati Involvement?

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are accustomed to the questions that come when any famous public figure passes away. It is only a matter of time when the news breaks before someone starts questioning whether the famous person in question had any ties to the Illuminati, and if so, is there any reason to believe that the Illuminati as an entity could have some involvement in the death? Over the years, we have investigated these cases with varying results. Now, the mysterious disappearance and now presumed death of Naya Rivera is poised to become the next one that we have to look into.

Mysterious? Definitely, but no Illuminati here.
There will be some speculation about this one because the story is mysterious. Naya was apparently on a boat with her child and then disappeared. The presumption is that she drowned. The child was found sleeping on the boat. That’s a pretty wild story in and of itself. Then you throw in her celebrity status and her tragically young age, and you have a story that is bound to have some people asking questions.

The reality is that at this moment with what we know, there just isn’t that much reason to suspect Illuminati involvement. Naya was a star from the popular television show “Glee”, but she certainly wasn’t anywhere near the international cultural impact of figures we routinely associate with the Illuminati. Think Whitney Houston, Prince, Michael Jackson. Even Paul Walker was a more likely candidate. While Naya may have been on her way to that possibly, she wasn’t there yet. So, unless more evidence changes the story, this looks like a really tragic accident. You can search the world over and you won’t find anything that presumes to connect her to the Illuminati. Now, don’t be surprised if someone tries really hard to do this now that she is dead, but what we mean is that there is no evidence of involvement existing before her untimely death.

If you think our conclusion is not accurate, we would love to hear what you think in the comments below.