Charlie Daniels Dead at 83 — Connection to the Illuminati?

While country music legend Charlie Daniels will be mostly remembered for his music, there are some out there in the world that will also miss his political outspokenness.  Mr. Daniels is reported to have died at the age of 83 from a stroke today, and there will be those in conspiracy circles that will ask the infamous question that gets asked after any event like this.  Is there any connection between the Illuminati and Charlie Daniels?

The short answer is no.  Charlie Daniels is not the kind of artist or public figure that the Illuminati messes with.  While plenty of people the world over have heard “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” he still isn’t of the kind of influence that warrants Illuminati attention.  Having said that, one interesting fact about Charlie Daniels is that he most certainly did believe in the Illuminati and has spoken out about it on more than one occasion.  One famous instance was back when Taco Bell was using its creative commercials to sort of spoof the Illuminati.  Daniels used social media to express his concerns about making the Illuminati out to be a joke.  See the video below to see exactly what Charlie said.

At the end of the day, this is not an Illuminati sacrifice, but a fellow that passed away at the ripe age of 83 from a stroke.  It is always interesting to see a public figure openly acknowledge the Illuminati though, and Charlie Daniels was one of those people.

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