Can Kanye West Still Run for President in 2020?

Kanye West has flirted with running for President of the United States multiple times in the last few years.  The last we heard, he was still all about 2024.  Being an outspoken and controversial Donald Trump supporter, he intended to win in 2024 and keep America on the path to being “great.”  However, on the Fourth of July, while President Trump was hosting a huge Independence Day party against all recommendations in a global pandemic, Kanye decided to get on Twitter and announce that it’s not too late.  He would be running for President right now in 2020.

Crazy? Or crazy-brilliant?

Well, July is a little late to throw your hat in the ring, but this is Kanye, so what of it?  The first problem is determining if this is even possible.  Well, it is, but that’s not as positive as it sounds.  Some states have already passed all deadlines and there is no way Kanye could get on the ballot.  Some states have not passed these deadlines and it is still feasible.  So, at best he could get on some state ballots, although he would need to organize a campaign staff quickly and put things in motion because all of these remaining deadlines can’t be far off.

What’s the point, you might ask?  Well, it might make more sense than you think just looking at things on the surface.  Imagine if Kanye still fully supports Trump and wants to help.  Getting in the election even in a limited capacity could do that.  Imagine if just some Democrats and undecideds jumped to Kanye, it could swing a really close election for Trump.  It is unlikely that Kanye would siphon away votes from a true Trump supporter, but he may very well siphon a few away from Biden.  If the election is close, perhaps even closer than 2016, a little bit could go a long way.  And being on those ballots could give him momentum to steal even more votes in other states because the publicity could start a grass roots write-in campaign where he does not appear on the ballot.

Likely?  No.  Possible?  Yes.

There is one more avenue Mr. West could take to get on every ballot.  All he has to do is win one of the top political party’s nomination process.  So, if he could somehow get the Republican Party to leave Trump behind and adopt him as their candidate, he’s in.  Or if he could convince Democrats that he has a better chance of dethroning Trump than Joe Biden, that is another way to go in.

Likely?  No.  Possible?  Well, yes, technically, but hey, there is no way that is happening.

So, what do you think?  Publicity stunt?  Cooked up conspiracy behind the scenes between West and Trump to help secure the presidency once again for Trump?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.