Are Brick Pallets the Crisis Actors of George Floyd Riots and Protests?

As civil unrest rages across the United States of America, many in conspiracy circles are throwing out theories for what really might be going on behind the scenes in the riots and protests surrounding the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week.  The theories here run the gamut of conspiracies, and as we have often pointed out during the last three or four years, we can hardly compete when the mainstream media has made conspiracy theories so mainstream.  So we aren’t going to spend a lot of time trying to examine ideas about Antifa or whether white supremacy groups are secretly fueling the protests… stuff like this is fodder on CNN and Fox, so how can we even fit into that mix?  Instead, we’re gonna stay on the fringe here and look at some of the oddities.

There are photos going around on the Internet that claim to be from various areas in major cities where riots eventually caused major damage and disturbances.  The photos show neat little pallets of bricks that mysteriously showed up at these sites just in time for the powder keg to explode.

Is it true?  We at Common Sense Conspiracy caution you to think about what you are looking at.  Anyone can snap a photo and say it was from Minneapolis or Atlanta from a few days back.  Who’s to say it’s authentic?  There is no way to prove these things.  It would be way more interesting if someone showed how the pallets got there.

Delivering pallets of bricks would require a transfer truck and probably a forklift to get it out of the truck upon arrival.  Put simply, it would be really noticeable if these pallets of bricks were being set up at these sites.  There is virtually no way to make that operation inconspicuous, day or night.  So question number one in this one going around is how in the world did they get there and why does no one have a picture of that debacle?  Why would a business not doing any sort of construction or remodeling not question a pallet of bricks being delivered without a word on its sidewalk.  That’s a little far-fetched, and if it were true, there would be a lot more photographs circulating of it in action, not just after the fact.

So, is Common Sense Conspiracy saying that there isn’t some dark force behind the scenes fueling this?  Absolutely not.  We can examine those conspiracy theories all day long, and we may very come to agree with some of them when we take an objective look at the facts.  This article is about the bricks.  And this just doesn’t look like a story that has the facts to back it up.

So, we put it to our readers.  Did you see these bricks delivered?  A pallet on the street looking weird like a seek-and-find puzzle?  Do you have the inside information or photos documenting it?  We want to hear about it in the comments below.  Meanwhile, enjoy this video (not our stance) from YouTube about the bricks.