COVID-19 and the Fifty State Challenge — Government Standoff?

For starters, this article is in no way intended to downplay the global pandemic that is the novel coronavirus COVID-19.  It is claiming a lot of lives in this world, and it is still raging out of control across the United States and in many places around the globe.  While we can debate some of the tactics, ultimately there is no vaccine, no treatment, and that means that the only real solution is to try to burden the health care systems the least possible while the virus runs its course.  So, we said it.  Flattening the curve is real people.

Still, there are things to consider here.  As the mantra in Washington goes, you should never let a good crisis go to waste, and this may be the greatest crisis of them all.  Now, you’ve already seen some of that mantra in the activities of Congress.  The history-making 2.2 trillion stimulus bill had plenty of little unnecessary extras thrown in for good measure.  That is par for the course.  However, we are seeing a much bigger experiment unfolding in America, one that is a precursor to something else, possibly even more sinister than the coronavirus itself.

Right now as we speak, there are only a small handful of states in the United States that have held out and not issued statewide shelter-in-place orders.  They are predictably states with Republican governors, and states that have not as of yet felt the real brunt of the coronavirus in their respective locales.  Now, President Trump could have overrode this anywhere along the way and forced these states into compliance with what all the experts are recommending, but he has not.  He has insisted, against much of the advice at his disposal, that states should have the ability to make these choices for themselves.

Right now, you are seeing a deep state experiment unfold.  They want to hold out right now and see if they can actually get all fifty American states to suspend everyday liberties over this.  They are already at ninety percent.  They want to see if they can get one hundred percent.  Why does it matter?

Think about how big of an achievement it is to get all fifty American states to shut down everything without even having confirmation that the crisis they are worried about is even going to visit their own backyard.  It’s a win-win for the government too.  Think about how if the cases never materialize to the level these projections predict, the government will only label that as a victory for how their guidelines and suspension of liberties saved the nation from even higher death tolls.

Meanwhile, economically, millions of Americans that are normally pretty self-reliant will find themselves living and breathing every moment on the government’s dime.

Is it necessary?  Maybe.  Probably, even.  But this playbook will not be retired when the coronavirus is neutralized.  You will see this again.

They are playing the 50-state challenge.  Victory is all but guaranteed at this point.

One thought on “COVID-19 and the Fifty State Challenge — Government Standoff?”

  1. Musical chairs, a game played when we were children is a serious game now in the real world.

    Shutting down and opening up is the dollar game in this world of investing and trading assets.

    Maybe some good will come out of all this. Probably more bad too.

    I think that the opening up part is going to be harder than thought. Just social distancing will not go away. Even if Trump says it’s safe, many will continue distance.

    Many people including myself believe that these viruses can remain dormant and may be just waiting for cold weather to strike.

    Be safe and remember Murphy’s Law. What can go wrong, will go wrong.

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