Unpacking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Conspiracy Theories to Date

If you’re a regular reader here at Common Sense Conspiracy, you know that we don’t report the news.  There are plenty of sources out there for that, and this is not one of our goals.  So, we haven’t had much to say about the worldwide panic growing from the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  However, we do unravel conspiracy theories here on this site and try to look at the facts with a common sense approach (hence the name).  So, due to a barrage of misinformation out there on the Internet as well as many concerned readers who have written us asking about theories that are gaining steam, it is time for us to unpack some of the latest conspiracy theories regarding the virus and whether any of them hold water.

The Weapon Theory

It’s pretty much recognized as fact that COVID-19 originated in China in the city of Wuhan back in December of 2019.  Now, the United States’ relationship with China has been a little strained here of late with Donald Trump’s policies leading some to even refer to the current state of affairs as a “trade war.”

Because of this perceived animosity between China and the United States, some out there in the conspiracy world have come up with the concept that China created the coronavirus on purpose in order to create a global pandemic that would eventually wreak havoc on the United States.  It also would make Trump look bad in an election year and cause economic problems worldwide.  According to this theory, the virus was unleashed on Wuhan to see how it would spread, and China already knows how to stop the virus for its own people once the experiment is over.

This theory is interesting, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  After all, the United States has yet to seriously feel the heat of the pandemic.  Italy and Iran have taken much bigger hits than the West.  So, if China did do this to get back at Donald Trump over trade issues, they really are not worrying very much about collateral damage, which may end up being the whole world before its over.  Furthermore, it doesn’t seem like China is having much luck stopping the virus now that it has started, so that shoots down the weaponization theory.  Interesting, but not a lot to back up the theory when you look at basic facts.

The Government Already Has the Cure

We are hearing this one already, and we are not surprised.  Anytime there is an outbreak of something new like this, there is always a conspiracy theory that the government can already cure it but is instead letting the virus run rampant to thin the population.

While we at the CSC don’t debate for one second that many governments in the world would not hesitate to do this, there once again is just no evidence to support this theory.  After all, COVID-19 is sporting a 2% mortality rate.  This means that if 100 people get the virus, 2 will die on average.  That is not as intimidating as other viruses out there with much higher rates, and it would take millions upon millions of cases for the deaths to really make a dent in the population.  Actually, there are more births to offset than deaths at that rate, so it would not accomplish much if that was the intention.

Put simply, if the government is allowing this to happen on purpose to thin the population, then they really picked a terrible virus to do it with.

Politics, Politics, Politics

Finally, a theory with some teeth.  It’s election year folks, and the Democratic political party in the United States is struggling to figure out how to go against Donald Trump.  He is crass, silly on Twitter, and a bully, but the economy is screaming and unemployment rates in America are at all-time lows, even for minority groups.  It’s hard to run against an incumbent when things like the economy seem to be going pretty well, so Democrats need something to latch on to.  The coronavirus may be it.

Ever since the coronavirus started to become a major news story, the mainstream media has been working overtime to question Trump’s reaction while also beating the drum to cause panic over the virus even before it is warranted.  Is the media overstating the threat here to cause panic and make Donald Trump look bad on the international stage?

You betcha.  This theory is right on the money.  Now, we are not necessarily saying that COVID-19 is going to fizzle out and lose steam after a while and will stop short of being this global pandemic that the mainstream media seems to be salivating for.  It might be that bad.  We’re just saying that right now, the mainstream media is going to say that whether it’s true or not.  That’s the problem with the mainstream media in general.  They are always pushing some agenda, so it’s hard to know if what they are dishing out is the truth or not.

So there you have it.  Three coronavirus conspiracy theories analyzed.  Two quickly thrown out due to no supportive evidence.  And one slam dunk conspiracy that you need only turn on your television set to any news channel to see the proof.  It remains to be seen just how bad the coronavirus pandemic will be in the long run, but for now, don’t believe everything you hear.