Coronavirus Crisis Inches United States Toward Martial Law Declaration

Can you hear that drum beating?  It’s not the drum of civil unrest or war, like many of us expected.  This is the drum of the coronavirus, and each day we are watching the United States of America inch closer and closer toward a day that many in conspiracy circles have been waiting for suspiciously for decades.

After September 11, 2001, many thought it wouldn’t be long.  Then the brutal hurricanes that are now synonymous with that decade.  Then, the Obama years where many thought the New World Order was firmly in control and chaos would give way to the announcement soon.  However, in March of 2020, it is the coronavirus, COVID-19, that many are looking to as the final completion of the mission.

Why would the government even want martial law?  That’s an easy one.  Martial law is a suspension of liberties, and during it, the government can do pretty much anything that it wants.  This would be the easiest way to get Americans to give up their guns, their freedoms, their property, and their money without much of a fight.  For years, though, it was the American spirit that made such a declaration so difficult for the government.  COVID-19 changed all that.  Americans are now putty in the government’s fingers.

We are not saying that this is not bad.  It is.  We are not saying that it is necessarily being exaggerated.  It may be that this is not the case.  What we at the CSC are saying is that the general public in the United States of America has already given up a lot without really seeing the disaster that has been promised.  The number of deaths from the coronavirus may end up in the millions, but it isn’t right now.  As of this writing, it is around four hundred.  Yet, people are giving up normal liberties left and right.  There are entire metropolitan areas on “lockdown.”  Regardless of how bad this gets, we are witnessing a grand government experiment for the ages.  They want to see how far they can push it, and what really instills the fear that gets Americans to fall into line.

It’s only a matter of time.  COVID-19 probably isn’t the endgame here.  This is not going to usher in the one world government.  However, it is going to give them a blueprint for how to bring it about, and later, it will show its head again if Americans are this willing to give up liberties based on dire predictions without necessarily seeing it thus far.

Will it come as a nationwide lockdown, full-on martial law declaration?  Or will they experiment with a large city or perhaps a state?  It’s hard to say, but this is for certain:  the United States has never teetered this close to a martial law declaration in its history, and the next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

We want to hear your opinions.  Where do we go from here?  Is this virus currently frightening enough to you to accept full-on martial law?  Is it time for people refusing to “social distance” to be shot on sight to save the rest of us?  Are you willing to give up your guns?  Your money?  Your property?

And if not, how many people have to die before you are?  That is what they really need to know.  How bad does it have to be for the most steadfast among us to break?

Now, having said all that, this is not a fear-mongering site.  It is the CSC’s sincere hope that the government continues to act in the public’s best interest and does not use this as some sort of power grab or experiment.  History would dictate otherwise.  There is a saying in Washington that you all have heard before.  Never let a crisis go to waste.  It is doubtful that they will waste this one.