Coronavirus and Martial Law — Conspiracy Theories Heating Up

Well, when we launched our article unpacking the latest conspiracy theories about the novel coronavirus that is sweeping the world in an epic pandemic, the conspiracy theories were pretty tame.  Things are heating up, however, and the theories are becoming more far-reaching than ever.  Far-reaching doesn’t necessarily mean untrue.  Don’t misunderstand.

We are seeing some unprecedented cancellations of sporting events that generate millions not just in tickets and concessions but for hotels, travel, dining, and pretty much all sectors of the economy where these events were to be held place.  We have seen the President of the United States ban travel from friendly places in Europe.  And now, people are starting to ask the questions that have to be asked.

What if this is as bad as they say and what if it only gets worse.  What if we see a lockdown like in Italy where 16 million people are basically barred from going on with their normal lives?  And what happens if on Election Day, the nation is on lockdown, or so afraid of the coronavirus that they dare not venture out?

What if Donald Trump declares martial law and remains the President regardless of the election?

These are no longer conspiracy theories, folks.  These are legitimate questions that might come into play if this crisis plays out much longer.

Now, many believe that COVID-19 will decrease in intensity as the weather gets warmer.  We certainly hope they are right about this.  It’s possible that we may be witnessing one of the biggest over-reactions to a crisis in the history of the world.  Or they could be right.  It’s so hard to say.

All we can do right now is watch and learn.  Always taking whatever the media and the government tell us with a grain of salt, but observing nonetheless to try to figure out where this thing is going and what the big picture may look like.

As always, please share your thoughts and concerns in the comments below.

One thought on “Coronavirus and Martial Law — Conspiracy Theories Heating Up”

  1. The Real thing that is happening here is the real estate market is starting to crash and we are moving into a dollar shortage.

    The establishment through the cover of Covivid-19 is creating a “victim block”.

    Nobody can say if Martial law is the end result. But can it help?

    I can see a need for education and a trained 1st responder campaign.

    Apparently our economy is getting needed funding by going into a North Korean lockdown as “Emergency preparedness programs” are unlocked and activated.

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