Michael Bloomberg Wants Hillary Clinton as VP — The Clinton Body Bags Will Get Bigger

Michael Bloomberg is pulling out all the stops financially to try to buy his way into the Democratic nomination for the 2020 election. It seems to be working. Despite not having graced a debate stage yet, Bloomberg is polling well and even made a splash in early primary activity. His advertising blitz is one of the biggest ever seen in American politics. You can’t hardly watch a YouTube video or a television program without seeing one of his ads, and he has a lot of popular cultural figures that are working overtime to push his candidacy over the top.

The Clintons don’t hold grudges. They eliminate them.

Today, Bloomberg is making even more headlines by announcing a certain person he is considering to be his running mate if he is indeed the candidate. A lot of Bloomberg’s appeal is that he is a more moderate alternative to the ultra-progressive candidates dominating the primary process so far. That means folks like Bernie Sanders, who many call an outright socialist, and Elizabeth Warren, another candidate that is definitely slanted to the left. Still, he is seen as a formidable opponent to Donald Trump, perhaps the only one in the field that could possibly take him down. So, to sweeten the deal as the “moderate” he is now saying that he would seriously consider Hillary Clinton as a running mate if he wins the nomination.
Normally, that would seem like a real powerplay, but to a lot of people that like the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren types, Hillary again is about the last thing they want to say. Still, Hillary won the popular vote in the 2016 election and it would definitely solidify their bid to defeat the incumbent.
But what if they win?
Hillary Clinton as Vice President? Sure, she would probably take it, and might even make a pretty good choice for that. However, with all we know about the Clintons over the years, that would be one might great leap of faith for Bloomberg. People have died on behalf of the Clintons for decades. Would they be able to resist a position where only one person stands between her and an automatic ascension to the presidency?

Tread lightly, Mr. Bloomberg. Epstein didn’t kill himself. Federal prison was not enough to protect him. Who is to say that the White House could stop them either?