Coronavirus Right on Time for Big Tobacco and Company — Coincidence?

Major news outlets are reporting a very interesting story about how it turns out that good old tobacco actually is instrumental in finding a way to stop the coronavirus outbreak that so far has killed over a thousand people in China.

It’s not completely new information.  There are stories about tobacco being beneficial in developing vaccines for the flu in other years, but this one is really right on time for tobacco companies.  Right on the heels of sweeping legislation that raised the age to legally purchase tobacco products from nineteen to twenty-one in the United States, this could be just the feel-good moment that Big Tobacco needs to get a little positivity going in the mainstream media and in their bank accounts.

Out there in the conspiracy world, there are whispers that maybe these two convenient events are connected.  Could Big Tobacco somehow be in league with pharmaceutical industries to manufacture a crisis like this just so they can be the hero to step in and save the day?

Honestly, there is little evidence to support such a farfetched theory.  It’s true.  We need a little more to go on than that.  Having said that, before you dismiss any and all conspiracy theories about this, think about the history of tobacco in America.  It’s certainly not outside the moral compass of Big Tobacco to do such a thing, that’s for sure.  What do you think?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.


One thought on “Coronavirus Right on Time for Big Tobacco and Company — Coincidence?”

  1. Why do they need to make a new virus in order to start marketing tobacco as an antiviral? There’s already studies showing it’s an effective antiviral, and it would be cheaper to just lobby the government to let them do that. Scientists have been given millions of dollars to study tobacco’s antiviral properties (through Horizon 2020 and probably other programs). I don’t think it would be hard to win the public over either, even with COVID. There’s another plant that has historically been very illegal, and is now becoming more and more seen as a fairly safe plant medicine (for certain things) and recreational activity. People are already open to the idea that a plant can be slandered unfairly, and that it hurts people to ban/restrict plant medicines if they’re safe. Herbalism is also really popular w a certain set. I don’t think they need COVID to make this happen. It’s not outside their moral compass but causing a pandemic is a very roundabout and inefficient way of doing it that has the potential to bite them in the ass. After all, a lot of people quit smoking (or tried to) when COVID picked up because it has such a negative impact on the lungs. And what happens if/when they get caught?

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