Kobe Bryant Dead in Helicopter Crash at 41 — Illuminati Involvement?

Sometimes you see celebrity deaths that just catch you completely by surprise.  The death of Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant at just 41 years old is hard to wrap the mind around, but here it is being reported that one of the greatest of all time on the basketball court is gone.

Obviously, Kobe was a world-class athlete, so no one would expect any health problems, and it appears that is not the case here.  A helicopter crash is what current reports are saying is the cause of his death.  Though first reported by questionable source TMZ, it does appear that this is going to be the real deal as the other networks chime in to confirm his untimely passing.

As with any situation like this, speculation will be massive, especially in these early hours when little to no real information is available to the public.  Here at the CSC, we are already receiving messages from readers about the possibility that this is somehow an Illuminati hit job.  That is pretty standard when a major celebrity figure dies in an unexpected and tragic manner, and we are very experienced on analyzing these situations.

Already, there are multiple sites on the Internet making this claim.  Some are springing up to try to make money and get hits off of Kobe’s death, but others have been around for years.  Is Kobe Bryant a member of the Illuminati inner circle?  Check out some of the information below and see for yourself.  However, we at the CSC find these accusations questionable.  While Kobe’s outreach would definitely make him a possible target for membership, this helicopter crash is not a typical Illuminati method for elimination.  We think that this being an Illuminati murder or blood sacrifice has got to be pretty unlikely, but as always, we will continue to monitor the situation as more facts come to light.


One thought on “Kobe Bryant Dead in Helicopter Crash at 41 — Illuminati Involvement?”

  1. WOW! How could anyone make anything out of this except a tragic accident? That helicopter was flying in marginal weather with low overcast and poor visibility (not uncommon for helicopter operations). The route went across some high hills where the tops were obscured by the low clouds. Bad situation. The pilot reported he was climbing into the clouds to avoid the terrain (not a great idea on a VFR flight plan) shortly after, witnesses said they saw the helicopter descending out of the clouds in a steep turn, nose low. It appears the pilot got disoriented in the clouds and failed to maintain aircraft control. In other words, probably simple pilot error.

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