If You are Reading This, You are a Domestic Terrorist

Anyone that reads Common Sense Conspiracy on a regular basis knows that this site frequently dismisses conspiracy theories that have no evidence or basis in reality, while uncovering facts about other theories that do have a reason to be taken seriously.  So, you can bet that we certainly recognize some conspiracy theories out there was being pretty wild and disputable.  However, a very troubling release of information from the FBI this past week shows that, as we have explained many times, fringe theories get the rest labeled as bonkers too.

The FBI has been tasked with releasing more information about how it investigates and identifies domestic terrorist suspects.  You’ll never guess how they do it.  They watch conspiracy websites like this one.  People that believe in “fringe” conspiracy theories are on a watchlist for being possible domestic terrorists.

Now, some of the conspiracy theories mentioned specifically by the FBI are pretty out there.  However, they also put their finger on people that believe in the deep-state.  While their are degrees and different theories, we here at the CSC certainly believe in the deep-state.  As a matter of fact, that’s not really a conspiracy theory as much as proven fact.  Well, if you believe in the deep-state, you basically have been labeled as a domestic terrorist by the FBI.

It doesn’t mean just because you visit our site your door is going to get kicked in, but it’s troubling to think of where this might lead.  And it brings up more questions.  After all, the mainstream media now peddles more conspiracy theories than Alex Jones or we could ever come up with, and yet they are not considered in this light.

What do you think?  Is it fair to paint all conspiracy theorists with a broad brush?  Will this lead to danger in the future for anyone that questions the government or the official account of things?  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “If You are Reading This, You are a Domestic Terrorist”

  1. Are you sure the “deep state” conspiracy listed by the FBI is the same as the one you believe in? I would have assumed that to be a synonym for Qanon/Pizzagate conspiracy theory rat king. If it’s just the concept that there are unelected people in governments that have power but don’t have well known names, that’s just a fact. It’s also true of nearly any modern organization. Do you know the names and addresses of the IT guys of every internet service you’ve ever used? Because they have access to a ton of information on you and access to tools that they could potentially abuse. Buy something with a CC? Are you sure they’re not storing your CC info to use or sell later? Have you ever made a doctor’s appointment online? Have you ever visited two different websites without clearing your cookies in between?

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