Clinton Body Bags Gain a New Victim — Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Obvious Conspiracy

Sometimes the conspiracies are in the shadows.  And sometimes something happens that even the most skeptical have to be like “Yeah, well that’s obviously a conspiracy.”

Ever since he was locked up, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was a marked man.  This isn’t something that was talked about on chat forums on the Dark Web.  This was openly discussed on the television and radio in the mainstream media, the same mainstream media that frequently dismisses “conspiracy theorists” as lunatics.

Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Epstein ended up dead, and being in jail may make it a little harder, but the powerful people that he had dirt on would not be stopped.  It’s so blatant, and kind of desperate.  Remember, Epstein was on suicide watch.  How does someone commit suicide while on suicide watch?  They say that it was by hanging too.  Kind of an elaborate thing to go down.

There will be no tapes or evidence.  There will be no statement as to how someone suicide watch comes to commit suicide.  The Clintons will issue a joint statement about how sad this is but maybe it will bring some degree of closure to Epstein’s victims.  We are talking about a guy that shared plane rides with both our current President as well as former President Bill Clinton.  And while those are the most high profile people he was connected to by a long shot, the list goes on and on.  Epstein had to go, and he had to go fast.  Only Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald was a more frantic example of someone having to be eliminated before they said too much.

So the next time you see the Clinton Body Bags come up on Truth or Fiction or Snopes as a silly conspiracy theory, remember this moment.  Sometimes it is what it is, and this story is see-through as any thing we’ve ever seen.