Live Birth Abortion is On the Table — America Enters New Stage of Radicalization

The debate about abortion is something that frequently makes the rounds in American politics.  Despite being basically decided in the 1970s in Roe vs Wade, not a Presidential election goes by that abortion doesn’t somehow find its way into being a viable political issue.

Common Sense Conspiracy has always been of the opinion that this was an issue that was only opened up to divide America.  Much like gay marriage now, there really shouldn’t be a reason for this to be an issue anymore.  The bottom line is that it has been decided by the Supreme Court and it no longer should matter what any political candidate in any phase of government thinks.  It was our judgment of the situation, and it was sound based on the facts.

Well, yowzers… the game is changing.  The abortion debate is changing before our eyes, and it is going to places we would never have imagined.

The concept that legalizing abortion after birth would even be discussed would seem so foreign a few years ago that it would be a punchline or a sarcastic comeback (why not just raise the abortion date to 5 years old wink wink?).  Here we are though.  This is being thrown out there as a real thing now, and it’s not getting politicians laughed off of the stage.

We are witnessing a new radicalization in the Democratic Party that is a real gamechanger.  This isn’t just about division for the purpose of control anymore.  This goes to the next level.

Is America really that radical?  Are we celebrating live birth abortions now?  Is the left and the right, who we at Common Sense Conspiracy preach and preach are one and the same, splintering before our eyes?

Will killing live babies spark a new civil war?

We don’t know the answers, so we’re asking for your help.  Start the discussion in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Live Birth Abortion is On the Table — America Enters New Stage of Radicalization”

  1. New York’s next move is to use the new legislation to Get Gosnell out of Jail. The revival of the Mystical Religion of Babylon forbids that that any Priest of Baal be imprisoned for performing sacrifices of the first born.

  2. If you accept a right from the gvt that someone can be killed (someone – baby – can be killed because it is to much emotionally, financially, has a bad parent, or is not wanted or needed, or is in a position you are not willing to share) thenyou must accept that the gvt can only give you the right if they have it to give. They cannot give what they do not first appropriate for themselves. So…

    Expect the gvt to begin ‘removing’ citizens (permanently) who are annoying, a financial drain, has undesirable parents, is no longer needed, is disabled or even lives in the wrong place. And YOU OKed it by accepting the right to kill your babys from the gvt.

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