What is an Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Anyway?

Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, it seems like whenever someone famous passes away, there is the inevitable questions from our readers about whether we believe the death to be an Illuminati blood sacrifice.  We’ve investigated many times before, and offered literally hundreds of theories to our readers.  It occurred to us, however, that we had never really addressed just what this really means and why it is such a popular conspiracy theory.  So without further ado, let’s dive into just what constitutes an Illuminati blood sacrifice.

It’s Complicated

The Illuminati is synonymous with hidden meanings, symbolism, and mystery.  They don’t call it the Occult for no reason.  So, it should be no surprise that the answer to the seemingly simple question we proposed here is actually quite complicated.  There are more theories than we could possibly cover here, so we are just going to hit on some of the more popular ones.  We will also take a look at some of the more famous deaths that have been pegged for possible Illuminati involvement.  Please remember though that this is a subject with a myriad of possibilities and theories, and you may very well have a concept of this that you will not find here.  That’s no problem.  Just share your thoughts in the comments below so everyone can be enlightened (umm, no Illuminati pun intended).

Habitual Line Steppers

Two possible sacrifices in one family and one photograph.

To borrow a term from the late, great Charlie Murphy (who some might even say may have been an Illuminati blood sacrifice himself), “habitual line steppers” may be targets.  What we mean is that some people that have found themselves inside the clutches of the Illuminati may wish to break out of their clutches.  That hardly ever goes well.  They are super-powerful and all-knowing, after all, and it’s usually only a matter of time before anyone trying to buck the system becomes a casualty of the system.

In this theory, it is the actual dead person that was targeted.  Whitney Houston often comes up in this conversation because her drug addiction and affinity for Mr. Bobby Brown may have caused the Illuminati to be disappointed in her.  When they recruited young

Many believe Clive is the key to the lock. Don’t make him mad.

Whitney, they had big plans for her to influence a lot of people.  And it worked.  She certainly succeeded, but not perhaps the sort of influence they had in mind.  Another example of this is Prince.  Some people believe he was murdered by the Illuminati because he revealed some pretty crazy beliefs on talk shows from time to time.  He believed in things like chemtrails and often spoke about the evil of the music industry.  He even crossed Clive Davis, the Illuminati gatekeeper.  So, he is another example of this concept.

The person steps out of line with the mission they were given, and the Illuminati decides they can get more out of them in the form of a sacrificial lamb than as a tool.  It also, according to the theory, can serve as a warning to others in the Illuminati’s sphere that bad things happen to those that don’t do what they’re told.

A Pointed and Sinister Message

Other theories involve the dead person being a message to someone else.  The person dies as a form of punishment to the person that is in the Illuminati (or considering being).  In these scenarios, it may not be a really famous person that is the sacrifice.  It could be a family member or loved one.

An example of this theory would be people like Michael Jordan or Bill Cosby, who famously lost loved ones in really callous ways.  While these theories get tossed around, a lot of times the people that actually are supposedly killed by the Illuminati may not even be known public figures.  These tend to seem a little more far-fetched in nature than the line stepper theory, but it is quite common on the internet.

Taking One For the Team

Similar to the pointed and sinister message is the concept that before someone can become a full-fledged member of the Illuminati, they must give up something they love, usually in the form of the blood sacrifice.  So, say for instance an up and coming artist is approached by the Illuminati with great riches and promises of stardom.  One catch.  Someone really close to them has to go to make it happen.  In the theory, sometimes the person knows what is going to happen and chooses to go through with it anyway.  This makes sense because there is no better way to prove that you are serious about the Illuminati than offering up the perfect blood sacrifice.  Others believe the person knows that something will happen, but doesn’t know in what form it will be delivered.

Like some of the other theories, this is extremely hard to prove or even gather evidence for.  It is mostly wild speculation, and for that reason, Common Sense Conspiracy rarely advocates this theory, but it is still quite prevalent.

Would You Know an Illuminati Blood Sacrifice If You See One?

Nothing says Illuminati sacrifice quite like a tub filled with blood.

That’s another question that gets tossed around.  Yes, a body in the bathtub in a pool of blood pretty much is the cliche concept of this, but that doesn’t have to be the only way.  Remember when James Gandolfini checked out abruptly from a heart attack.  While there were a lot of reasons to think that this was just the result of some unhealthy living and a pretty out of shape dude, many said maybe there is more to the story.

When Robin Williams hung himself, many said there was more to the story there too, even though nothing about it really fit the mold of what would generally trigger the Illuminati blood sacrifice theory.  Maybe there’s a ritual to it, or maybe any death could potentially be a sacrifice.  Only members of the Illuminati can say for sure, and you can rest assured they aren’t talking about it.

Will We Ever Know the Answer?

Probably not.  Chances are that if this is real, no one will ever own up to it.  If it’s not real, there’s really no advantage to proving that either.  In any case, it adds to the mystery of the Illuminati and the Occult in general, and even if it were mostly untrue, they would probably still be more than happy to let that mystery keep building.  Sometimes a rumor can be more powerful than the truth.

3 thoughts on “What is an Illuminati Blood Sacrifice Anyway?”

  1. If the illuminati exists, do they know they are the illuminati? Do they call themselves that seriously and are they organized enough to have a name? If the “deep state” is a bunch of disorganized disconnected groups with different motivations, can’t the same be true of “the illuminati”? If it is, is it still meaningfully “the illuminati” or is it just abuse of power in the entertainment and other industries?

  2. Reading more about it now:
    – It was a real group at one point in Bavaria, but was made illegal and presumably disbanded a few years after (founded in 1776, made illegal and presumably disbanded in 1790). So it existed a very long time ago for possibly a very short period of time.
    – It was (at least they claimed it was) a fanclub for rationality and democracy, although it seems like they were bent on taking over the world so they could fix it. The Illuminati today is said to be trying to create a new world order, which would be the opposite of democratic.
    – Women, Jews, pagans, monks, and members of other secret societies were barred from joining. Many of the people currently said to be members of the illuminati fall into these groups — why the change?
    – The Bavarian illuminati focused mostly on recruiting people in power in politics and business, whereas the modern day illuminati seems to spend most of its time on celebrities. (This could be explained by a change in who actually holds more power, maybe)
    – The idea that the illuminati was still around and was worshipping Satan and all that stuff was started in the 1790’s from a man who claimed that they had infiltrated the freemasons kicked off the French Revolution. But that man wasn’t living in France at the time. What made him think that was true?
    – The claim was that the French Illuminati did it, but I haven’t found info that the Illuminati ever had chapters in France, only Bavaria and Germany.
    – There are a lot of groups currently calling themselves the illuminati and using illuminati imagery, but it’s not clear that they’re actually connected. It seems like they may be copycat groups.
    – There are regular people who will say they’re in the illuminati, but celebrities usually deny it if asked. Why? If they’ve taken over to this extent, why do they have to keep hiding? Why is it safe/okay for regular people?
    – The all-seeing eye came into this picture as a Freemason symbol, not an Illuminati one. The original Illuminati did a lot of intentional recruiting of Freemasons, because they tended to have power and they wanted to use the lodges. The masons are still around, I think they’ve openly existed the entire time. The Freemasons borrowed this symbol from the Egyptians, for whom it was a symbol of good luck, health, etc.

    It seems to me that the modern day “illuminati”, if it exists, is probably not an unbroken chain from the old illuminati. It looks an awful lot like “anonymous” or “antifa”, where there’s no centralized leadership for each chapter, there may be multiple chapters in a single area that disagree on certain things, and there may be groups operating in this way without using the name. Rather than being an organization it may be a set of basic ideals and any group following those ideals is “illuminati”. It’s not that difficult to believe that people in power do crooked things to stay in power, or that they collude with each other to try to influence the direction of society. I think the things people are more skeptical of are things like the idea that it’s one massive and well-organized secret society, that they’ve named themselves and use all these symbols unironically, that they’re the same organization that started in Bavaria in 1770s. A lot of the symbology of the illuminati directly reflect the ideals they’re related to, so I could see them being appealing to someone who likes the ideals.

    Those are just my thoughts on it so far.

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