Presidential Alert Cell Phone Message — Don’t Be Alarmed…Yet

On Wednesday, October 3, all cell phone owners will get a text message at the same time around 2:00PM Eastern time. The government is trying to warn people that this is just a test to avoid too much drama, but the message hasn’t gotten around as much as it probably should have. The reality is that the “Presidential Alert” message is supposedly just a test of the wireless emergency system. But why now? What does this all mean?

It’s natural for those in conspiracy circles to want to know a little more about the story. Unfortunately, there’s not much to know. This system’s official purpose is to act as a way to communicate important messages in a major crisis, be it a natural disaster or war scenario. However, this kind of goes against a lot of conventional thinking. After all, an EMP strike would most definitely take out cellular communications, so this system would be altogether useless in that scenario. This leads some to believe that there may be another more sinister purpose to this test.

The theories are all across the board. Could this be a way of tracking people down? Finding out where people are and creating some sort or registry? Some have even suggested the message itself could have some sort of hidden meaning. We won’t know more about that until we see the actual contents of the message later on today.

Whatever your feelings on this test, there is one common thread out there. There is bound to be more to the story than they are telling us.