No the Illuminati Did Not Kill Anthony Bourdain

Celebrity chef and star of Parts Unknown Anthony Bourdain was found dead in what seems to be a suicide today. He was 61, and successful and popular. That means people are going to try to find something suspicious about his death. The reality is that this is probably exactly what it appears to be.

The Illuminati reaches out to people with world-changing influence. Bourdain may be a celebrity and well-known, but he certainly doesn’t have the epic kind of reach of a Beyonce Knowles or someone of that caliber. I guess the bottom line is that we are saying that the Illuminati would consider someone like Bourdain small potatoes and would be very unlikely to have any involvement with him at all, especially in his death. It simply would not benefit their cause.

We will keep an eye on this situation as more information becomes available, but we cannot imagine our opinion changing on this one.

11 thoughts on “No the Illuminati Did Not Kill Anthony Bourdain”

  1. how do you LNOW he didn’t have illuminati ties can you prove he didn’t you don’t know you think the media going to tell the truth

  2. So the next question is how does Bourdain fit into the global stage. Bourdains girlfriend is among accusers with a strong case against Weinstein. Clinton has publicly slammed bourdain, and Weinstein is a close friend and cash cow to the clintons. Weinstein had power in Hollywood and there is ample evidence to show Weinstein [hollywood elites] and the clintons are involved in sex trafficking on a global scale. Sooo what has happened in the past when people attempt to bring down the clintons? You get whacked.

    1. I totally agree with you pharma. Have you seen what his girlfriend is into?? Looks to me like and blood sacrifice.

  3. Once he sided with the Palestinians is when he signed his deathwish. When
    someone puts israel in a bad light they die. Simple as that.

  4. now I know this site is a rag with mis-information to be at and supported no more. You forgot how loud he was against the CLINTONS and the Deep State Cabal. came out against wienstien supportiy his girlfriend. he said that his opinions might get him killed.

    You people who wrote this article are facking retard idiots.

    1. Well, I can see that you believe we are wrong on this one. Do you have any real evidence of what you are pushing here? Because we would be more than happy to revise this article if you can prove that we missed out on a real conspiracy here.

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