Bill Gates Warns of Global Flu Pandemic — 30 Million Dead?

We’re not sure why this story is gaining so much steam in the mainstream media when it is really old news.  Bill Gates has been going around warning everyone of a global pandemic for over a decade.  In fact, he rarely misses a chance to talk about at any event.  We’re not saying the man is wrong, but just that we don’t know why the mainstream media is harping on this like it’s something to take note of today when this has been Bill’s message for years.  Could it be fear-mongering of some sort?  Or is the message really more valid now that it was when Bill started it in the 2000s?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Bill Gates Warns of Global Flu Pandemic — 30 Million Dead?”

  1. Why is he so adamant about providing funding to a vaccine? Most super powers want to see things like this happen.

  2. :))

    I’m not sure why it was picked up in 2018 but I believe his logic. The people saying he caused COVID-19 are using shoot the messenger logic. With everything we were doing in a global society, a big pandemic was a matter of when, not if. The worst part is, he gets to play both the part of Cassandra (the prophet nobody believed) and the part of the scapegoat. If his goal was to make us all sick so he can force us to take his vaccines, why on earth would he have been warning us for years ahead of time? If we had actually listened and put more money into epidemic response plans, medical research, etc, there would be fewer people sick/dead right now, not more. In the world where Bill Gates made COVID-19, what was his motivation for telling us it was going to happen?

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