Tom Petty Dead at 66 — Illuminati Sacrifice or Rock and Roll?

The death of Tom Petty is unexpected, although perhaps not as surprising as some other really high-profile celebrity deaths recently. Think Prince or Chris Cornell. Petty lived the rock’n’roll lifestyle for almost his entire life, considering his over forty-year long career in the industry. He certainly enjoyed his share of alcohol and drugs, although he was supposedly clean of all except marijuana, which he was a huge supporter of. In any case, it’s not that hard to buy that Tom Petty could die from a massive heart attack at this age. It’s tragic, of course, and untimely, but not unbelievable.
Facts like that won’t stop the speculation, however. There are already plenty of theories out there on the Internet, especially in conspiracy circles. Could Tom Petty have been an Illuminati sacrifice?
Well, we did our usual investigation into the matter, and there’s really not a lot of information out there that would suggest that there is any evidence to back up this hypothesis. He was good friends with Stevie Nicks, who is often speculated to be an Illuminati member. She also had some sort of relationship with Prince, who passed away in 2016 under suspicious circumstances. Could it be that Tom was murdered as the Illuminati delivering some sort of message to Nicks? Who knows? But there certainly isn’t any real reason to think so on the information we have so far.
Most likely Tom Petty died of a massive heart attack just like they said after living a too short but very fruitful life. Anything else for now is only speculation. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

Also, there is a guy on the Internet that claims to predict the next Illuminati sacrifice, and supposedly gets it right every time.
Truth is he prepares these videos in advance and then changes the titles when something happens to make it look like he predicted it. It still fools an awful lot of people though.

One thought on “Tom Petty Dead at 66 — Illuminati Sacrifice or Rock and Roll?”

  1. Tom is the Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin counter culture leader of his day. He ruffled feathers just like the above CC leaders. Being outspoken in the music industry will get you dead. He spoke out against the Catholic Church, Recording Industry, and many other subjects which he felt to be wrongful. He spoke for the common man and not for the Elitist class.
    The fact that someone had already tried to kill him in his home in Encino, Ca. in 87′ and that arsonist case has never led to a conviction or capture is HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE. That coupled with the fact that many record labels sued him at one point because he put their feet to the fire is also another open ended question. The dark powers that do these things utilize the artist’s past history against them HOWEVER like the bible says, “be sure your sins will find you out”. Now we know that Michael Jeffery sought out Jimi Hendrix (with a couple of MJ’s henchmen) to kill Hendrix because Jimi had caught on that Jeffery was embezzling money from Jimi which was going into an offshore account “Yameta Co. Ltd.” The attending physicians to Jimi’s death say that wine was pouring out of Jimi’s lungs. Jeffery was MI6’s Lee Harvey Oswald. Have Jeffery’s abscond with funds for MI6 and arrange a mid-air collision death for Jeffery (how convenient for MI6).

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