Chris Cornell Dead at 52 — First Illuminati Victim of 2017 or Another Rock and Roll Tragedy?

So far it seemed the curse of 2016 had been left in 2016,  a year now synonymous with some pretty heavy-hitting music artist deaths.  Now, Chris Cornell becomes the first rock and roll passing of 2017 of note, and the questions will being all over again.

Cornell may not be as big a star as some of the people he will forever be in the same conversation with.  There’s no question about the conspiracy theories regarding the death of Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, someone Cornell certainly was in the same circle with.  And Cornell was deeply connected to Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam even before their metaphoric rise during the grunge boom in the 1990s.  Yet, Cornell, the lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, may have been the most talented of the bunch.  His powerful, multi-octave voice will certainly be missed on the rock and roll scene.

There is little to no information circulating right now as to how Cornell passed away.  That is not mysterious in and of itself.  It’s quite common for information to be sparse, and more will probably become available later in the day.  Unfortunately, drugs will be suspected.  Cornell had plenty of problems in his past with both alcohol and major drugs and spent his share of time in rehab programs.  He has supposedly been sober for over a decade, however, and he and his wife even started a foundation that supports such noble causes.  But to see a fellow that played multiple shows and was full of life this week die so suddenly and unexpectedly will definitely have many wondering if he had a relapse.

2017’s first victim?
An interesting note about Cornell that we want to point out is that there is little to no stories or speculation about him having anything to do with the Illuminati.  It is inevitable that this will get tossed around today, and we already have questions about it in our inbox.  Could Cornell’s death be the Illuminati’s first blood sacrifice of 2017?  It doesn’t seem very likely at first glance.  It’s almost unusual to see someone of his stature so unconnected from the Illuminati rumor mill, and that is not the kind of person that they would choose for such a sacrifice.  There is no reason right now to suspect such, although that could change as more details become available.   If we find out later today that Cornell died in a bloody bathtub, well, we might start to change our opinions, but for now, this looks like it may just be another music tragedy.  Stay tuned to Common Sense Conspiracy as we find out more about this event.

We leave you with a video we did find from the fringe.  While not about Cornell exclusively, this Illuminati expert analyzes the Soundgarden song Black Hole Sun and manages to tie it to all sorts of things that make little or no sense.  Unfortunately, this is the kind of stuff that will spring up on the Internet overnight about Cornell with little or no evidence.  It doesn’t mean it’s completely unfounded, but we just like to point out that if you try hard enough, you can tie anything to the occult.  Stay tuned.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now reports are indicating this could be suicide by hanging. This new information definitely could be a game-changer.

12 thoughts on “Chris Cornell Dead at 52 — First Illuminati Victim of 2017 or Another Rock and Roll Tragedy?”

  1. We will see if this Jew cult of Satan the Illuminati killed Cornell. And whoever wrote this article doesn’t know much. Some millennia fuck who’s trying to get noticed by their boss or some old Jew Illuminati himself. If you don’t think Cornell, Vedder or anyone in the music industry isn’t involved some how with this asshole Heeb cult your sadly mistaken. Take a look at album covers live concert footage and the fact you don’t make 80-100 million dollars and don’t think you got a little help from the devil. Don’t get me wrong I grew up in the 90’s I love these bands, and this music/Hollywood is controlled by the kikes and their satanic blood rituals. But all this is a microcosm of the real problems in the world. If I was locked in a room with a Dictator a serial killer and a Jew and had a gun and two bullets I’d shoot the kike twice.

  2. Someone on a message board this morning said that he was involved with IOT North America a magic divination sect that began in 1976. Whether that is true or not I cannot confirm.

  3. Something is very odd. His twitter page is very positive. He tweeted about his wife on Mother’s Day and tweeted about his new album and tour! Someone who wants to commit suicide doesn’t do it when they have everything on the upswing and good times on the horizon with a future of engagements and so excited about his work…hmmmmm??
    Isn’t there are ritual timeline for illuminati sacrifices? Sometime in early April to May 21st? Something foul is afoot! Needs to be exposed…by those in the know!!

  4. They did him just like all the opposition, not as a sacrifice. Convenient random suicide. A lot of anti vaccine holistic doctors found shot were ruled suicides open n shut last year. One in a park. Another in a river.N a devout Christian making music n touring not selling out when the pieces are in place? Cant have that.

  5. Soundgarden guitar player who also played on and funded nirvana’s first album, took no credit and joined Army special forces. Courtney Loves father was army Psy Ops who ran the LSD trade surrounding the Grateful Dead.

    It’s always been an industry created to sell drugs.

  6. I only know him from the song, like a stone, which i feel has some strong religious overtone…. And i dont believe it to be pro christian…. So who knows… Maybe he was mixed up in some cult…

  7. If you truly knew anything of the world you attempt to speak of, you’d know that WITHOUT A DOUBT there is “Illuminati” involvement. One only has to listen to Black Hole Sun and know it’s about Saturn.

    And please, PLEASE, proof read before posting. Especially when speaking of one of the most prominent figures in the grunge rock movement. His name is Kurt Cobain. With a C. Yes, it’s a trivial thing to be irritated about. But it’s a matter of respect.

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