Syria Chemical Attack Spawning All Modes of Conspiracy Theories

We’re not here to report the news. You should know this by now if you are a regular here. There are plenty of sources for you to find the news, be it fake or somewhat based in truth. By now, you no doubt know something of the chemical attack that has now led to an American attack on Syria and setting the stage for a major conflict with Russia and perhaps the world. As you might imagine, there are plenty of conspiracy theories sprouting up like weeds on this one. Let’s examine some of the most common ones so far.
Assad got fingered when he wasn’t behind it. This theory revolves around the concept that Assad did not perpetrate this attack but was blamed for it by somebody else. The who is a whole different story. Some believe the rebels, Russia, or even a false flag perpetrated by America itself to engage in war. Each possible assailant has it’s own reasons. The most obvious is the rebels who certainly benefit from a Syrian airbase being decimated. For Donald Trump it could mean diverting attention away from the investigation of his campaign’s supposed ties to Russia. There’s probably other parties we haven’t even heard about yet.
How valid are any of these theories? It’s hard to say at this point. We at Common Sense Conspiracy are working overtime to get more real facts before we weigh in. But you can bet there’s more to the story than you will hear about on your mainstream news sources, and we will continue to make sure the real story gets told as more information becomes available.

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  1. Dankeschön für Ihre schnelle Antwort. Ich werde nun wie von ihnen empfohlen draußen weiter zufüttern und hoffen, dass er ordentlich zunimmt (leider hat er heute noch das gleiche gewicht wie gestern). Wäre eine Alternative ihn tagsüber zum schlafen ins warme zu holen (damit das futter anschlagen kann und nicht zum wärmeerhalt genutzt werden muss )oder schadet das mehr als es nützt? LG

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