Conspiracy Theorists Proven Right Once Again As Media Acknowledges “Deep State”

In the media’s never-ending mission to do anything it can to discredit Donald Trump’s presidency, they are actually doing things they may regret in the future when the dust clears. While Trump does seem thus far to be an outsider that has somehow wandered into the White House and a tangled web of shadow government figures that don’t know exactly what to do with him, there is little reason to think that his insurgency is really the start of something changing long-term. The truth is that they will either determine how to use Trump or they will find a way to be rid of him. However, there are some interesting things to point out.
Conspiracy theorists have, of course, long pointed to the existence of a shadow government that is really calling the shots behind the scenes of the government we are taught is in control in our high school civics classes. For years now, the mainstream media scoffed at that idea and called anyone that suggested such a thing a “conspiracy nut.” Well, throw that out the window, as the mainstream media is now happily reporting about what it is calling the “deep state,” which it describes as people tucked away in the government that help make sure that things like a Trump presidency don’t cause too much damage (but for whom?). Not only are they acknowledging the existence of this “deep state,” but they are even bragging on how important it is to stop Trump from destroying the country. That is pretty amazing if you think about it. The media is actually verifying the long-held belief that there is more to the government than meets the eye. Go figure, right?

Does this mean we are seeing the disassembly of the shadow government or the push for a one-world government? Not at all. But it does make it a little bit harder for the mainstream media and government to dismiss conspiracy theorists as nutjobs going forward. It turns out once again that they were right all along. Why is this becoming such a recurring theme here in this age?