Some People Really Think That the Illuminati Killed Bill Paxton — JFK Connection?

It’s kind of crazy that we always have to write articles like this. Now, it’s no secret that Common Sense Conspiracy frequently delves into things regarding the occult and the Illuminati, and we by no means discredit these things. As a matter of fact, we were fully on board with the Beyonce Illuminati blood mother ritual from the Grammys. That being said, not every celebrity death is the result of an Illuminati hit or blood sacrifice. In the case of Bill Paxton, there is little reason to suspect that his untimely death is anything more than what is being reported.

Paxton is a well-known actor that has been in many major films over his career spanning decades. However, when we’re talking Illuminati blood sacrifices, we’re talking major big names. Paxton is well-known, but never considered a marquee movie name. It means that we recognize his face and appreciate the roles he has played, but he has never been the kind of name to carry a movie on its own. We’re talking names like Tom Cruise or Leonardo DiCaprio. Paxton was a star, but not on that epic level that makes people suspect Illuminati involvement both in his career and his death. Instead, it appears that he was a honest, hard-working actor that died tragically in a very unexpected manner. It does happen, though we hate to admit it, and a lot of people just like to use things like this to make themselves feel better. In other words, there are those that would rather believe that the Illuminati murdered Bill Paxton than to believe that accidents happen and people die in routine surgeries every day. Most don’t, and that’s why we continue to use these procedures. The quality of life that it brings to the many people that make it just fine makes up for the occasional person that doesn’t make it. Paxton just happens to be a well-known one that didn’t make it, so naturally it gets a lot more attention.

None of this is to take away from the tragedy, and it’s also not meant to take away from real conspiracy theories that are based in facts and mature speculation. But not every one of these is more sinister in nature, and we at the CSC see nothing about Paxton’s death that would make us suspect that there is more to the story. If more facts come out that makes us change our minds, you will be the first to know.

The videos below are some examples of conspiracy theorists on the Internet right now that are trying to push forward this theory. While they certainly have the right to voice their opinions, we believe that jumping on everything creates a “boy who cried wolf” effect. If we say that every death is an Illuminati blood sacrifice without facts to back it up, we just give the media and the government more credibility when they try to write off anyone who questions the official story of things as a “conspiracy nut.”

2 thoughts on “Some People Really Think That the Illuminati Killed Bill Paxton — JFK Connection?”

  1. Stroke, huh. They’re getting really good at manufacturing this stuff and creating strokes and heart attacks. Who gets away with killing people. Cops and doctors. You’re living in that world now people, wake up. I’ll bet Mr Paxton was insured to the hilt. There’s lots of reasons rich people kill rich people. Money is the main one. The recent one that blew my mind was Fisher and Reynolds. Those women were absolutely destroyed. I’ll bet Carrie Fisher was hounded into writing that crummy book that wouldn’t have sold much had she not croaked right at the beginning of the press junket. All of this shits unreal. AND you fuckers with this option to leave a comment fishing for public sentiment. Stationary troll option. Yeah, lots of big time chemist Jews are poisoning people too. They treat their friends worse than their enemies in the end. Problem, crisis, offer solution. Let’s talk about the poisoners. Theyre interested in acquiring someone’s business or house because they want a high rise or a crony maintained public park. A sweet neighbor brings some soup or cookies. 6 months down the road you’ve got a rare cancer that the scientists want to study. Or, your intestines start dying. Subversive, nasty stuff and it’s happening now. Ruthless, greedy, motivated sociopaths in power positions. One city council’s, school boards and they all look so respectable. Non-profit tricksters abound. Do you really think that all doctors are good doctors. Some are there to make selected mistakes. People are referred to them. Usually very helpful well connected friends suggest a brilliant doctor. Look what Dr.s did at the university of s.f. hospital back in the 40’s. They injected radioactive plutonium into unsuspecting people. One guy for 20 years. All disenfranchised. Kids at an orphanage were fed radioactive porage for Christ’s sake. The Manhattan project. The last surviving doctor, when questioned about his participation said, “It’s still good science.” Doctors are some deadly individuals. The less exposure, the better. I’ll bet Paxton’s doctor talked him into that surgery. And of course the last picture he made had been completed. I hope this is exactly the kinds of posted comments you guys are looking for. You’re full of shit too. Put me on the ‘list’. I got my third eye wide open, guys. Lol. I don’t want to disappoint you conspiracy toads. How’d l do? LMAO

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