New President Trump Has the World on Fire By Doing Exactly What He Said He Would All Along

Ever since President Trump became the President-elect back in November, Common Sense Conspiracy has taken it upon itself to try to determine if Trump is just more of the same being dished out by one-party “two-party” political system in a new format to make people think that something has changed. We kind of default to that opinion in most cases just because the shadow government’s carefully-crafted establishment is so hard to infiltrate. Basically, we thought Trump must be one of them because we didn’t think it was possible for Donald Trump to legitimately do what it appeared he had done. Now, weeks into his presidency, we are starting to change our minds.

Donald Trump, the most unlikely contender for most honest president

While Trump certainly is dividing the nation, a major goal of the powers-that-be behind the scenes, the ways that he is doing it don’t seem to jive with out normal interpretations of New World Order goals. For instance, the so-called “Muslim ban” that went into effect is nothing you would expect to see from the shadow government. If anything, they have always pushed to open the borders completely. Remember, the illegal immigration problem with Mexico was allowed to get so out of control because there were those that wanted to use it as an excuse to usher in the North American Union, basically a combining of Mexico, Canada, and the United States into one nation. So, Trump’s insistence on building a wall and tightening immigration measures also seems to go directly against what we’ve seen the powers pushing us towards all these years, especially in the post-9/11 world. Based on that, it certainly is becoming more evident that Donald Trump may be the real deal, pushing back against the globalists’ goals. This may or may not be good for the nation, but one thing is for certain: it is very, very dangerous for Trump. His tangles with the intelligence community are a good way to become an ex-president quickly, and he is pushing all of the right buttons. Still, it’s refreshing in a way to see someone not doing their bidding. Amazingly enough, a huge swath of the nation continues to oppose everything that is going on based solely on what they have been told to think by a political party that has nothing but its own self-preservation on its mind. That’s why so many of the issues don’t make sense. For example, the ban on immigrants that Trump just put into place temporarily is actually shorter than the one President Obama put in place in 2011 to absolutely no protest whatsoever. Most of the other executive orders he has signed are merely symbolic in nature, setting a course but not actually setting any particular policy. Trump is proving just what a great job the shadow government has done with its propaganda. We now have people that no longer think for themselves and walk right along the party line. It’s not just one side, either. Republicans do the same, preserving that perfect level of division to keep any chance of anyone circumventing the establishment’s stranglehold on American politics and power.

The irony of all of this is that Donald Trump has frequently been knocked as a dishonest and lazy individual. Now, he is being heavily protested by people that are mad because he was democratically elected and then has proceeded to do exactly what he said he would. As for his presidency so far, Trump is the most honest President we have ever had. Not one move he has made has not been one that he harped on for months during his campaign. Love him or hate him, his first weeks in office have been the most honest and forthright we have ever seen. He is crossing off his campaign promises fast and with little worries about his own political capital. That might be a death sentence for his reelection efforts in three years, but it is an unheard of thing in American politics.

Expect Trump to keep pushing. He shows no signs of backing down to the establishment or the protesters. We at Common Sense Conspiracy don’t expect that establishment that we know to put up with it for long, but we will see what we will see in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, stay tuned here at the CSC as we continue to evaluate this fascinating story in the conspiracy world.