Mariah Carey’s Disastrous New Year’s Eve Performance — Technical Difficulties or Illuminati Dragon Warfare?

Happy New Year, folks! Why not start off the year right with some Illuminati-laden nonsense. That’s right. Already this morning, we are kicking off 2017 with readers in our inbox asking the hard-hitting questions. Like was Mariah Carey’s botched performance on Dick Clark’s old Rockin’ New Year’s Eve show some sort of Illuminati-inspired embarrassment campaign? Or better yet, is it that moment when the dragons finally come to take the devil woman?

Yes, the video below puts forth that very theory. Is this the end for Mariah Carey? Has she gone over the line and put the Illuminati on her trail? Or is she a raging diva that experienced technical difficulties in front of a massive audience and responded by being a diva?

It’s nice to see that the Illuminati theories that have plagued 2016 with all of the celebrity deaths are alive and well for 2017. What do you think? And are you crazy enough to dig the video below?