George Michael Was Predicted to Be the Victim of an Illuminati Blood Sacrifice in 2014

The death of George Michael floored many on Christmas Day 2016. We addressed the likelihood that there is more to the story in previous articles as the news broke, but we are publishing this article to go forward with something even more suspicious. The video below shows a YouTube user that completely predicted this event in 2014. The user ZippythePinhead J in just 38 seconds revealed that George Michael would die “soon” and would be the victim of an Illuminati blood sacrifice.

It would be crazy, no doubt, except for the fact that he was exactly right.

2 thoughts on “George Michael Was Predicted to Be the Victim of an Illuminati Blood Sacrifice in 2014”

  1. OP, you are either a Shill, Web-con-artist, Professional Moron, or you simply don’t uderstand how YouTube works:

    This “pinhead” guy (How appropriate, right?) has obviously made a generic video two years ago about “he” dying, which could (and has been!) used when an celebrity actually dies, to then say he predicted it. Nowhere in the video, does he mention anything specific to do with George Michael. No actual names!! Never in his videos! Why wouldn’t you mention the name of the person you are talking about?

    Answer: At the time of making the video, the YouTub’er DIDN’T know who he was talking about, as he has no privileged fore-knowledge about the Illuminati (which btw IS real).

    No, all this YouTube douche did is change the name of his (generic) video to “GEORGE MICHAEL was murdered” AFFTTEERR George’s death was announced. I’m new to YouTube (as a video publisher) and I can tell you that “re-naming” a video takes two seconds (and ZERO “special inside Illuminati knowledge…..what a d-bag).

    Also, this “Zippy” clown disables Comments on these videos, so that should be a tell-tale sign (to anyone with half a brain) of SHENANIGANS!

    Either way, OP, you clearly lack common sense. Again, nowhere in this video does the speaker actually say the name George Michael, or even anything to point to G.M. And yet you post it as “evidence.”

    Please stop misleading the sheep by muddying the waters.

    Also, real nice how THIS nonsense “article” comes up as the number one search result on Google. Propaganda.

  2. What a crock not once did he say GM name. He edited the title. I am a groomer who posts grooming tips on youtube and he can easily change the title when ever he wants. This article is ridiculous and it took non writers to know this.

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