Carrie Fisher Dead at 60 — The Illuminati’s Final Act For 2016?

In conspiracy circles, anytime a major celebrity figure passes away there will be some speculation about the nature of the death and the potential of Illuminati involvement. Under ordinary circumstances, the death of Star Wars s actress Carrie Fisher may not be any real reason for concern. It’s well known that she had a major heart attack, and she is not the kind of celebrity that would normally be associated with the Occult. But coming in the heels of the death of George Michael and a year full of high-profile celebrity deaths, some discussion is expected and warranted.
The two major competing theories at this point are that Fisher was yet another Illuminati blood sacrifice, perhaps because some feel that she crossed Harrison Ford, or that her death is just in time to help drum up extra publicity for a forthcoming Star Wars film that she supposedly has already filmed her parts for.
While a simple heart attack tragedy is far and away the most likely explanation here, it never hurts to have an open discussion about these things. What do you think? Is there more to the story? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Carrie Fisher Dead at 60 — The Illuminati’s Final Act For 2016?”

  1. Carrie Fisher was an outspoken, vibrant and radient star. If she spoke out against the NWO/Illuminati, she may have been a TI. She most likely was, IMO.

  2. They had to do something with Ms.Fisher,because,she was bound to talk,and the question was-(when)-and (they?)-didn’t want to take that risk.

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