Alan Thicke Dead at 69 — Any Illuminati Connections?

It’s inevitable anytime a well-known celebrity figure passes away suddenly and unexpectedly. We get the emails here at Common Sense Conspiracy wondering if this could have some Illuminati connection. Sometimes it’s a little on the silly side, and other times it made a heck of a lot of sense. This is one of those that appears crazy at first glance, but if you look into it a little further, you can at least acknowledge where people get the idea from.

While it may be a stretch to think that Alan Thicke was involved with the Illuminati, many believe his son Robin is quite another story.

There is little reason to think Alan Thicke is or was a member of the Illuminati. While a successful actor and television personality for sure, he is not on the level of celebrity status that typically introduces Illuminati involvement into the equation. But a lot of our readers will quickly point out that you don’t have to be intimately involved with the Illuminati to be a victim, and this is certainly a true statement. Many are wondering if Alan Thicke’s son Robin (who has been connected to the Illuminati on more than one occasion) could have been the reason for this. Could Robin’s beloved father have been an Illuminati blood sacrifice for Robin Thicke, the controversial “Blurred Lines” singer. Remember that video. It only had a goat dancing around. No big deal, right?

Alan Thicke really loved hockey, and according to the official story, suffered a heart attack playing the game. It is a little bit of an unusual story. A 69-year-old man playing hockey is not exactly common, but possible, sure. And if a 69-year-old man was playing hockey aggressively and his heart wasn’t in the best of shape to begin with, it’s plausible that this could be a perfectly natural death. We at Common Sense Conspiracy believe that the official story on this one is far and away the most likely solution. But given Robin’s connections in the past, not to mention his meteoric rise to fame out of seemingly nowhere a couple of summers ago, it is not totally nuts to at least raise the question. The video below goes right past our analysis for the lightning round of Illuminati blood sacrifices. It really gets extra points for the professional way it is presented, also. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Alan Thicke Dead at 69 — Any Illuminati Connections?”

  1. Throwing around the term “illuminati” with low level dweebs like this guy (or Madonna, Prince, Kanye, etc.) is itself a boon to the real gangsters that keep the rest of us in bondage….these wannabe entertainers are no more illuminati than my grandma…..

  2. Robin Thicke was very obviously thrown under the bus and a victim of a blatant smear campaign a couple years ago. His career was pretty much ended. I wonder if that has anything to do with this. It was definitely the first thing that came to my mind.

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