What if No One Voted in the Presidential Election? The Illusion of Choice

This is a hypothetical article.  Believe me, we at Common Sense Conspiracy are well aware that there are enough staunch supporters of either of the dominant two political parties in the United States to guarantee that someone will vote.  And even if there were a unanimous, across-the-board willful protest, some power-hungry someone would vote just to try to decide the election all by themselves.  But let’s take a moment and enter a special world, where things like this could happen.

This year’s election is a great example of why such a thing would seem like a good idea.  Democrats want to support President Obama, but not all of them support all of his policies.  Not all are supporters of gay marriage…not all approve of the Affordable Health Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare)…you get the picture.  Then there’s the Republicans.  Mitt Romney is a Mormon trying to swim against the current of a Christian voting base.  He also supported that same health care reform in his governorship.  So, there are quite a few Americans that are bullied by the system to vote one way or the other even though the truth is that they really support NEITHER of the candidates.  What if more Americans felt this way, and some sort of coalition evolved from it? People united for a common cause and boycotted the Presidential Election.

No, it’s not possible.  Let me reiterate that point before we go any farther.  But we’re asking you to suspend disbelief for a moment, and go with us on this.  What if every American saw it this way and they banded together and decided to be a collective no-show in November?

The real b**tch of it is that our founding fathers thought of this too.  The good old Electoral College makes sure that citizens can’t even voice themselves by not voicing out at all.  If absolutely no one voted in the election, it would simply go on as if the public general election never happened.

So, you see.  The illusion of choice is not just the two options you have.  It even gets you on the third, which is to do nothing at all.  Doing nothing is still casting your vote for the two-party system.  And their agenda.

So, if you believe that the elections are genuine, the only chance at real reform from the two-party system that repeatedly puts up candidates that we grudgingly adhere ourselves to, against our better judgment, then vote for someone that is outside that two-party system.  If enough Americans have enough of it and vote for a third party, then a real message could be sent.  Was there a viable third-party candidate in this election?  Probably not.  But it is the hope of the nation that there is one out there somewhere.

And if you believe the elections are fixed anyway, then you might as well throw up your hands and surrender.

The future is especially inevitable if there is no means to alter it.

2 thoughts on “What if No One Voted in the Presidential Election? The Illusion of Choice”

  1. It would be nice if no one voted. People should do this, especially since we don’t have much of a choice. On one hand you have a guy who just wants to sit on his a*$ and give everyone government paychecks then on the other hand, You have a guy who is gun-ho ready to go to war which wants to to give tax breaks to big corporations just like that of Obama. Its like, Who do you pick? Of course there are many other factors which go into this but I imagine someone else will fill in the blanks if needed.

  2. The candidate most likely to win would win, and the cable news networks would report massive voter turnout.

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