Think People Are Overreacting to Trump Election? Look Back at 2008 to See the Hypocrisy

Let’s leave the turmoil of 2016 for a moment and head back to 2008 for more turmoil.  That’s right, when President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, it wasn’t all that much different than what you are seeing right now.  It was just a different swath of people who perceived themselves as having the moral high ground.

This was the interpretation of Barack Obama in 2008 by conservatives. A little overdramatic, perhaps?
This was the interpretation of Barack Obama in 2008 by conservatives. A little overdramatic, perhaps?

Think about it.  We were coming off the tumultuous time that was the George W. Bush presidency.  The turning over of the White House to a Democratic President was almost certain, and anyone betting good hard-earned cash would have put it on Senator Hillary Clinton.  Unfortunately for her, a charismatic African American community organizer-turned-Senator rose from nothing to take the presidency.

Conservative white people lost their minds.  They said Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim and we had just turned over the keys to the nation to a foreigner.  They questioned his birth certificate.  The evangelicals said he was the antichrist.  They said he would take everyone’s guns and install death panels where granny would be ruled too old to get health care anymore.  He would usher in the end times and put the United States in an Armageddon showdown of World War 3, but he was a trojan horse meant to turn us over to Islam.  He would install sharia law.  He would declare martial law, stripping everyone of their rights.  Christians would be confined to concentration camps.  FEMA trailers were being set up to round them up.

That’s not even all.  We could literally go on for hours.  Conservative white people winked at each other with knowing nods about what was obviously taking place while desperately trying to connect Barack’s name to the number 666 somehow.

This is what we see now in 2016. We've only switched sides, that is all.
This is what we see now in 2016. We’ve only switched sides, that is all.

Now, let’s return to 2016.  Now, no one is saying that Donald Trump doesn’t say some wild stuff.  He does, but the overdramatizing of things is getting silly.  Let’s see what liberals in America have decided is inevitable in the Trump administration since they found out the shocking news that Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to claim the presidency after all.

As of today, gay people think that gay marriage will be undone, their civil rights will be stripped, and there may even be concentration camps and conversion therapy in their future (sound familiar).  Black people believe slavery may be returned and that the shackles are already being prepared.  People using ObamaCare believe they will be completely left out in the cold and their money taken.  Meanwhile, it is expected that Donald Trump will declare himself dictator in between having sexual relations with any American woman he chooses.  He will immediately nuke random countries, invade Iran after pulling out of the nuclear arms agreement, and he will get in a pissing match with China over trade resulting in World War 3.  This all while deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, building a wall along the border with armed guards allowed to shoot on sight, and, oh wait, also overturning Roe vs. Wade and outlawing abortion in the United States.

That’s not all.  We could go on.

We could explain the message here for hours, but we are going to stop and assume that our readers are better than that.  Surely you can see the message here.

Trump might be the worst President of all time.  But it won’t be that bad.  It certainly won’t be as bad as a Hillary Clinton presidency, which any conspiracy enthusiast will tell you is the final cog on the way to the full-time installation of the New World Order.   What it will be is possibly a delay in the inevitable.

So rioting in the streets is a little silly.  But it is exactly what the shadow government wants.  They relish in the division, and a polarizing figure like Trump may have usurped their power stranglehold, but as long as they can keep Americans thinking that other Americans are the enemy, well, they figure it’s all good.

Stop being ridiculous.  It was ridiculous in 2008 and it is ridiculous now.  It’s time to move forward in a meaningful way and stop helping them in their quest to drive the wedge ever deeper.  The Trump presidency could actually be a positive thing for people that are awake and see what we are being pushed towards, but if we let them win again, he will only be used as another divider to push us over the edge they have long had waiting for us.

3 thoughts on “Think People Are Overreacting to Trump Election? Look Back at 2008 to See the Hypocrisy”

  1. Surely there were Pub-Kins who did all that you have explained. But No. There were no Wide Spread violent protests after Obamas election. No recount calls and obstruction with the support of elite Hollywood types and major media publications. No hacking and blame throwing for the Russians. No WIDE SPREAD coverage of people crying and whining about it. No NPR/AP/BBC short scoops featuring little girls asking their mom if DJT was going to win, while sobbing. No attempts in congress to prevent the affirmation of his EC votes. No attempts by the Bush admin to delegitimize him. No Wide Spread support in the media and TV and Hollywood for faithless electors. No TV Ads with celebs begging for this. No proposed bans on Obama from other countries. No The amount of vitriol is quite unprecedented. Obama shook off the Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers BS with gusto. Trump will forever be David Duke’s love child in the eyes of Libtards.

    I used to think Pub-Kins were the manipulating elite rich oil barons that cheated the world. I was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. They are rich, corrupt people who have a nationalist ideology they want to uphold. They may be corrupt but atleast they have “American Values”. I never thought they were racist, I knew that was BS. They promote a general “Judeo-Christian” Americanized lifestyle while making LOTS of money.
    Libtards, I’m done with you. You abandoned us and true equality in favor of multi-culti, white-male hatred and unbelievable disregard for America. For God’s Sake, you had a immigrant at your convention trash Trump by implying that the US Constitution applies to non citizens. Pull your head out Dems! This is why I voted Pub-Kin for the first time…….EVER!!!
    Should I check my “white privilege”? Grew up in poverty and at 38 with an education I had to work 3 jobs to pay for(while many of my black and female peers went for free or nearly) I make less than my 2 black counterparts at work who have less education and exp than me. Been there 8 years. They started last year. I know how much they make cause I’m really good friends with one of em. The other is racist. I know that cause my friend told me he is…..probs why he acknowledges me with nothing but a blank menacing stare and contempt for my even being there. When I asked him if I had done anything to upset him, he told me to “check my white priviledge”. Had I said that to him in the opposite way or even referenced his race, I’d be canned immediately. Where is the priviledge in that?
    All of this BS contributes to my voting record:
    I’m sick of being lied to, manipulated and told that I should hate American Values and embrace a world without borders or common sense.

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