Mainstream Media Prepares General Public for Electoral College Shocker — Computer Experts Say Election Results Hacked

The same mainstream media sources that demonized Donald Trump for questioning the authenticity of our election system are now suggesting that at least three states that Trump won may have been hacked. According to multiple mainstream media sources, the Clinton campaign is being “urged” to contest the election results based on the data.

Basically, Clinton performed a lot worse in counties where the results came from electronic devices than old-fashioned ballots. This is leading some “experts” to say that there is a good chance that something is amiss in the election results.

This may seem like a long shot. It seems so. Even if it were true, it doesn’t mean that Clinton automatically wins. It might make her look worse if she stepped back into the fray.

But if you take a step back and fold your arms over your chest, you might find that it makes a lot of sense. It isn’t an affirmative action as much as it is one more piece of wood thrown on the fire to help it burn. This could be just one more thing for the Electoral College to point to if and when they override the whole process and elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States.

Or, it could just be a whole lot of noise about nothing.