Late to the Party — Is Donald Trump in the Illuminati? How About the Antichrist?

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are ashamed of ourselves.  Such an obvious question, and it wasn’t until today that it was brought forth by our loyal readers.  Donald Trump has pulled the impossible, infiltrating the one-party two-party establishment system in America and coming out the other side with the presidency in tow.  Yet, Donald is nothing new in the public consciousness.  As you may imagine, there are plenty in conspiracy circles that believe Donald’s unbelievable rise had  a little help along the way.

And in a special Buy One Get One Free 2 for 1 deal, the CSC is going ahead and just tackling the antichrist question.  I mean, it’s just easier to get it over with cause that is coming.  There is plenty of chatter in conspiracy circles about both, and these two videos show you a sampling of what is out there.  Our gut feeling is that it is probably unlikely on both accounts, but hey, it’s pretty interesting to consider the possibilities.  And maybe we hadn’t thought that Donald isn’t the antichrist, but the one that paves the way for the antichrist.  That’s critical thinking for sure.