Electoral College Petition Could Keep Barack Obama, Not Hillary Clinton, in the White House — Is It Finally Time for Martial Law?

There was a long-standing conspiracy theory over the last eight years that President Barack Obama would somehow stay in power past January 20, 2016 by declaring martial law in a chaotic or disastrous event where he could make a case that keeping the power infrastructure intact could only be achieved by him staying as President.  With that date quickly approaching, the conspiracy theory was starting to lose steam.  This week, however, many believe that it is more likely than ever that President Barack Obama will still be President on January 20.

The current President-Elect Donald Trump is perhaps the most unpopular elected official of all time.  A petition is circulating begging members of the Electoral College to defect from the votes on Election Day and put Hillary Clinton as President instead.  That seems like a long shot at best, but given Donald Trump’s extreme unpopularity amongst millions of Americans and the fact that Hillary Clinton squeaked out a popular vote win despite losing the Electoral College, it may not be the craziest thing we’ve heard yet.  Keep in mind that Hillary doesn’t need hundreds of defectors;  just enough to give her enough electoral votes to be the victor will do.  While Trump won by a good margin, it’s not that big.  The thing is that there are ongoing protests and riots all over America, and many believe that it could cause President Obama to issue a martial law declaration and suspend the election results for now.

It’s a perfect storm.  The concept of people protesting the results of a free election in a democracy is new to America.  It questions the very legitimacy of the entire system and the election process.  But instead of installing Hillary Clinton as commander-in-chief, it may very well leave us with one Barack Obama for an indefinite amount of time.  The martial law declaration could even be be used as a springboard to reboot the election and start all over.  Or, of course, it could be used to install some sort of law or executive order that gives Obama the ability to extend his White House stay for as long as he pleases (or until the situation stabilizes, which would give the government wide discretion).

The threat is real.  There are actually two completely different scenarios for Donald Trump to still not ever become President.  That’s pretty amazing if you think about it.  What do you think?  Are we being set up for a history-making nationwide martial law declaration in which all civil rights are basically suspended?  Is this the right thing to do?  Could this be a segue into something bigger?

Just when you think Obama is a lame duck, he might be the unlamest duck of all.