Trump is Reprehensible For Sure, But Media Continues to Cover for Clinton

The concept that the mainstream media is undeniably biased toward the Democratic side is not a new conspiracy. This is something that most people have known for years. However, it wasn’t until the 2016 election that it became something that they no longer even hide. We have supposed journalistic news organizations publicly throwing their support behind candidates, and almost every news story distorts the facts for its now obvious agenda. This is the next step on the path they are taking us down. They don’t even have to hide it anymore, because they have trained us to be okay with it. It took some time, but here we are. They don’t have to pretend to be real news organizations now; they can simply let their true colors show because Americans will lap it up like a cat at its milk bowl.

Now, is Trump doing anything particularly to advance his cause?  Not at all, really.  The tapes from 2005 of him saying reprehensible things about women are mighty bad, and the media is taking them to the next level by reporting them as speculatively being true.  There is a whole article on the Washington Post’s website right now about whether if Donald Trump really “grabbed a woman by her (private part)” that would constitute sexual assault.  Of course, no reasonable person really thinks Trump really did that, or at least without any participation from the other party.  But here we are, speculating about imaginary criminal offenses while ignoring the real criminal offenses his opponent has already gotten away with.  Furthermore, look at the timing.  WikiLeaks reveals the obsessively sought-after speech transcripts from Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches for which she received over 22 million dollars in return for.  In the speeches, she reveals what she really thinks about a whole lot of things, and it becomes very obvious why she has avoided letting these transcripts get out.  She even goes down the race road, saying that white people when given opportunity will do well for themselves while African Americans will continue to not do well given the same opportunities.  Hmm.  That should be pretty damning, right?

Enter the Trump tape.  No worries.  Not one.  WikiLeaks had planned this out from the beginning for maximum effect, but whoever came up with this tape didn’t just find it yesterday.  They’ve been sitting on this, waiting for the right moment to counteract some real bad news.  Today was that day.  Hillary’s speech transcripts are out there for anyone to view if they like, but as far as the mainstream media is concerned, it never happened.  Most people will never know about it.

Is this an excuse for what Trump said?  Not at all.  Those comments are crude and demeaning.  Unfortunately, there’s probably not a man in America who has not heard other men talk like this.  Would Trump say it their face?  Most likely not, just like the millions of other men that have used similar terminologies when talking amongst other men about women.  While that certainly doesn’t make it right, it does illustrate that there is one heck of a difference between the lewd comments that have taken over our nation and the actions of a Hillary Clinton that are pushing us toward literally having our nation taken over with her long-polished New World Order agenda.

They are going to win this one.  Not Democrats. Not Republicans.  But the shadow government, the elite that really call the shots.  And this is just another creative instance of how they make you believe that you had a choice.  It was just so bad, you had to go vote for Hillary, a person you know beyond the shadow of a doubt is bought and paid for by the New World Order agenda.  You had no choice.

You had to pick that lesser evil.  Again.  This article is not pro-Trump or pro-Hillary.  It is designed to show you how all of these pawns on the chessboard have been delicately and thoughtfully placed to make this exact outcome inevitable.

Illusion of choice.  Lesser of two evils.  Colonized minds.

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