The Shocking Revelation That Will Unravel the 2016 Election for Trump and Clinton

Yes, that’s right.  Common Sense Conspiracy has information that will be the end of this charade.  The 2016 election is finished after this.  But first, let’s review how we got to this point.

This election features two of the most scandalous, corrupt, and quite possibly even criminal candidates of all time.  Many people on the Internet lament this, saying how could “we” the “American people” make a mistake like this in putting these two terrible alternatives as the only alternative.   It shows just how quickly we forget.  Nobody in America put Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.  She put herself there.  The WikiLeaks emails were as damning as anything in American history.  The primary was fixed.  Bernie Sanders never really had a chance.  No one cared.  No one even remembers it not even two months later.

Trump is different.  It does appear that the American people voted him into this position.  But only because the Republicans hadn’t come up with a foolproof of fixing their primaries (superdelegate anyone?) like their Democratic counterparts.  Be sure that everyone in the Republican establishment is working overtime now to make sure no debacle like this happens again.  Americans voted Trump in out of a field of Republican degenerates because they desperately want to see change.  They are tired of the one-party two-party system.  On the other side of the political spectrum, it was no different.  Actual voters wanted to put Bernie Sanders, another Independent seeking a major party nomination, in, but the DNC had other ideas.

America is tired of it.  Yes, there are plenty of idiots on both sides that will continue to affiliate with their party because their granddaddy did, and they quite often can’t even remotely defend their position except for quoting dumb stuff on their liberal or conservative card they carry around in their wallet.  That’s why liberals think they have to believe in abortion, and why conservatives think they have to dismiss climate change even in the face of obvious science.  There are some people in America that are never going to accept the responsibility that comes with thinking for yourself and having an opinion.  Fortunately, this election proves once and for all that a majority of Americans are waking up.

A majority, you say?

Well, that’s the damning revelation.  What a time to be alive, right?  If you take everyone that supported Donald Trump and put them together with everyone that supported Bernie Sanders, you have a clear majority outside of the one-party two-party system.  That’s incredible.  It’s a movement.

Now, we’re not trying to say that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump aren’t totally different people.  They are.  So are their policies.  Yet, they are both outsiders that broke in and almost circumvented the system.  Both parties’ establishments are shaking in their boots.  For the first time in history, it’s starting to look like Americans are waking up.  The result could be the end of the most ridiculous free ride of all time for America’s career politicians.

This election is a farce, and nobody deserves to win.  And yet, it gives us hope.  It shows it can be done.  It shows America still has a beating heart of people that are thinking for themselves.  They are alive.  They are not robots.  The robots are still winning for now, but this is a major sign that they will not win forever.

Rejoice America!  This is perhaps the most important moment in your history.  You are like a computer that becomes self-aware.  The decisions you’ve been spoon-fed are no longer valid.  They never really were.  There’s a day coming where we can really make a difference.  The establishment will continue to do whatever they can to stop that.

Don’t let them.