Did Hillary Clinton Order a Drone Strike to Kill Julian Assange? October Surprise?

For weeks now, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has alluded to more bombshell revelations coming before the November 8 election in the United States. As you probably recall, emails revealed around the Democratic National Convention told a scandalous story of just how rigged the Democratic primaries really were. Candidate Bernie Sanders clearly never was a factor in the Hillary Clinton machine. Now, Assange has promised that there is more to come, leading to massive speculation about what it might be. Well, this is the week it’s going down. Assange now says that the big reveal is coming on Wednesday of this week to coincide with WikiLeaks tenth anniversary, and he has promised that it could have far-reaching effects on the election, especially regarding one former Secretary of State. But what is it? What could be so damning of a revelation that Assange would believe it to possibly turn an election?

Speculation is out of control, but one theory is that Hillary Clinton tried to eliminate Assange while Secretary of State through a drone strike order. Farfetched? Who knows? If you believe some of the sordid scandals behind the Clinton family over the year, it may not be such a reach. Anyway, there is no hard evidence that this is what we are about to discover on Wednesday, but if WikiLeaks’ past is any indication, they will have the goods when they come forward. What do you think? Would this be the end of Hillary Clinton? Or would it once again be overlooked?