Video of “Overheated” Hillary Clinton Leaving 9/11 Ceremony Reveals Something is Very Wrong With Her Health

Conspiracy theories is what she called it repeatedly.  Hillary Clinton has frequently said that her health is excellent, and any reports to the contrary are probably fabrications by political opponents.  The only problem with that statement is that today, it all went down in flames.

At the ceremony in New York for the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Hillary Clinton was reported as leaving early due to being “overheated.”  Never mind the temperature was a comfortable 78 degrees at the time, with low humidity.  There are plenty of people all over America that would call that a gorgeous, pleasant day.  Her campaign reported that she went to her daughter’s apartment and was feeling fine now.  Unfortunately for Clinton, videos are surfacing online showing her getting into a waiting van.  It’s actually quite disturbing.  This is not someone who is dehydrated or feeling a little weak.  She clearly has trouble walking, stumbling, and looking like she might even be having a seizure.  She is quickly helped into the van and whisked away, but not before it was all caught on video.  The video is below and is quickly becoming viral as people tune in to the news cycle on a somber Sunday morning dedicated to remembering such a tragic day in American history.

Hillary is clearly not okay.  There is no conspiracy except the one she, her doctors, and the people around her are perpetuating.  Something is not right with her health, and she is trying hard to keep it a secret.  Unfortunately for her, in this day and age where everyone has a high-quality recording device in their pocket, it’s going to get harder and harder to maintain the confidentiality of her condition.  Imagine if something like this happens at one of the debates.  This was not a matter of it being too hot.  This is what many would call room temperature.  She was not running a marathon.  She was standing around at a ceremony.

There is a conspiracy, but it’s not quite how everyone thought in the beginning.