Ironically, Republican Voters Prove to Be More Progressive Than Democrats — Feel the Bern

It’s a pretty surprising result.  Donald Trump is the Republican establishment’s nominee for President of the United States.  He kinda came out of nowhere and used his reality television prowess paired with business savvy to sweep 17 competitors for the Republican nomination.  And he is not a Republican.

Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, looked like he might play the spoiler to Hillary Clinton’s party, but something funny happened as voters went to the polls for both political parties in the United States.  The Democratic Party, which champions its progressivism, turned out to be less progressive than Republican voters.  Despite tons of support for outsider Sanders, Hillary has prevailed, and now Sanders looks like an unhappy child mad because his toy was stolen in the sandbox.  When it all came down to the polls, America wasn’t ready to cast that one-party two-party political system out the door just yet.

Think about it.  We could have had Donald Trump versus Bernie Sanders.  Who is the Republican?  Who is the Democrat?  Neither.  We could have had the first presidential election where crafty individuals used the resources of the two political parties to tell it to go you-know-what itself.

Instead, we only got one.  Republicans proved to be more progressive than Democrats.  Who’d have seen that one coming?