Hillary Clinton Calls Half of Trump Supporters “Deplorables” — Another Example of the Problem With Our System

Hillary Clinton might have made a gaffe when she decided to get a little over-exuberant in her condemnation not just of Donald Trump, but of something like half of his support base.  She basically said that half of Donald Trump’s supporters (which is literally millions and millions of people, whether you like to admit it or not) are some form of bigots.  Homophobes.  Racists.  White supremacists (what’s the difference?).  Xenophobic.

deplorableIs she right?  Well, she might be.  It does seem like Donald Trump attracts some people like that.  But to call a significant part of the nation that you want to represent “deplorable,” well, that’s pretty harsh.  After all, her same political party utterly condemned Mitt Romney just four years ago when he made his now infamous 47% comment.  Before that, Barack Obama called out half of the country for clinging to “guns and religion.”

We at Common Sense Conspiracy understand that Trump supporters aren’t likely to be swayed to vote for Hillary Clinton, no matter what she says.  But shouldn’t she be trying?  If you are running for President of the United States, you should be trying to convince every one of these 380 million+ citizens that you are the best option to lead them.  Even Hillary’s cheated opponent, Bernie Sanders, talked about this.  He referenced how the Democratic Party should be going after 50 states and not just content to keep the ones that they have as stalwarts over the years.  He’s right.  Yes, the two-party system creates a climate where a candidate automatically will appeal to a certain part of the nation, but they should still be trying to reach the other side.

Hillary’s comment (and Mitt and Barack’s as well) show what’s wrong with our political system.  Hillary has no use for half of the nation that might end up voting for Trump.  She doesn’t care about them.  She considers them to be intellectually inferior to her and Democrats in general.  That is such a terrible concept.  A Presidential candidate in this country should recognize that we are all part of the puzzle, and a big part of American culture is the quickly-fading concept that there is room for all viewpoints and debates to take place.

Ironically, for all of the things Donald Trump has done to make people mad, he is the only one running for President that has even made a perhaps misguided attempt at appealing to the other side.  Trump’s “What have you got to lose?” speech to African American voters may have been crash and not well-received, but at least he’s acknowledging that the people on the other side exist, are a part of this nation, and should be catered to the same as those on his side.  Maybe if Hillary took this approach, more people wouldn’t see her in the light that roughly half of the country sees her in.

Now, don’t misunderstand us.  We’re not trying to say that Donald Trump genuinely cares about African Americans any more than Hillary does.  We understand that the main reason he is reaching out is because he needs at least some votes from that demographic to have any realistic shot at winning.  But still, he deserves a little credit.  Hillary is confident she can win without even worrying about the people that oppose her, so she just dismisses them as irrelevant.

We live in a society now where you can’t have a debate about anything without being labelled.  If you don’t agree with Hillary, you are a racist, a bigot, a homophobe.  There has to be something wrong with you.  The other side isn’t much better.  If you support Hillary,  Republicans will say you are morally-bankrupt and ignorant.  Why is having a different opinion viewed so terribly in America, a country built on the idea that having a different opinion is quite alright?

Maybe one day we will have a Presidential candidate that wants to represent all of us, not just half or a quarter of us?  Until then, it’s on us to bring about a change.