Did Hillary Clinton Have a Seizure in this Video? Reptilian Transformation Averted?

There is a video from July making the rounds on the Internet, especially in conspiracy circles, that shows Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail having what many think is an interesting moment. Clinton seems fine at first as she talks with the people mobbing her (something you would think she would be pretty used to by this point), but things get strange in a hurry. She starts to act very strangely. Some say she is having a really fast seizure. Others say it’s some sort of spasm, and still others say it is nothing at all and her only being quirky and reacting to what is going on around her. On the darker side, some people say that she is a reptilian creature and what we are witnessing here is her reptilian form almost getting the better of her and coming out full force.

This video is important because it shows the event as it happened without alteration. There a lot of people on the Internet that have edited the video carefully to support whatever their agenda is. We have not done that here, because we are not trying to convince you that any of the explanations above are the right one. We want to stop the spread of disinformation and allow you to see the real film and make a decision about what you see for yourself. Having said that, here are a couple of thoughts.

Common Sense Conspiracy has consulted with nurses and doctors, and no one of any medical expertise attributes Hillary’s actions to a seizure. It’s too quick, and there’s no way that she could recover that fast. Is it some symptom of another medical condition? That’s a different question, and depending on who you ask, you can get all sorts of suggestions.

What do you think? Is Hillary Clinton a sick woman trying to hide her malady to win the presidency? Or is she just really weird and this video is just capturing such a moment that she shows it?

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