Demonization of Trump So Successful That There is No Meaningful Polling Data

It’s kind of ironic.  The Democratic Party has done such an excellent job of demonizing Donald Trump that they are now nervous because they can’t get any reliable polling data.  The reason:  they have made it so unbelievably bad to say you are voting for Trump publicly that even Trump supporters won’t say they are voting for Trump in private polling sessions.

Democrats are nervous about polling data because they think a lot of people just won’t come out and say they are voting for Trump.  Whatever your political affiliation, it is kind of ironic.  They demonized their opponent so well that they can’t even get accurate polling data on the election.  As they head into the all-important final stretch, they can’t get a real fix on where they are, and the polling still shows Trump close enough that there could be enough people just not telling the truth to turn the tide.

What do you think?  Are you a Trump supporter?  Would you admit it publicly?  Anti-Trump?  Are you worried?  Nervous?

2 thoughts on “Demonization of Trump So Successful That There is No Meaningful Polling Data”

  1. I live just outside of Cincinnati Ohio. I see Trump signs in yards in and out of the city daily. Dozens of them. Ive seen maybe 3 Hillary bumper stickers in 6 months. Trump supporters are proud because we actually love the country and freedom. I have yet to meet in person a Hillary supporter, so I would say they are the ones who are ashamed.

  2. Actually CNN seems to be the un-official Trump supporter along with Fox/Faux snooze this past month or so. Anyone who thinks CNN is part of the “liberal” media is fooling themselves, unless they think CNN’s libertarian bent is the same thing as being liberal, which it isn’t.

    Aside from Clinton’s “likability” issue, I’d much rather have a smart woman with several years of political experience in the White House than some failed businessman with mafia connections who makes his several bankruptcies, his self titled “King of Debt,” & screwing over his own employees a point of pride. Mitt Romney made his money cannibalizing companies & outsourcing jobs outside of the U.S. “Ba(i)ne” Capital indeed. I never understood the Republican tendency to vote against their own best interests if they weren’t part of the 1 percent. The capitalist American dream has been out of reach for most regular folks for a long time.

    I get it: one can argue that there’s not much difference between a centrist democrat & a republican & they’d be right. If Bernie Sanders somehow got back on the Democrat ticket due to Clinton having an ill turn of health, I’d vote for him in a nanosecond. But as a sane woman there’s nothing on earth that would compel me to vote for that bloviating buffoon Trump.

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