Clinton Body Bags Get Fuller as Election Approaches — Shawn Lucas Found Dead in Bathroom?

We probably don’t have to tell most of our readers the legend of the Clinton body bags, a longstanding conspiracy theory about the numerous and mysterious deaths of people over the years that were on the wrong side of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  While some of the names that appear on these lists can be at least partially debunked with some research, we at Common Sense Conspiracy have always taken the smoke=fire approach.  There’s simply too many abnormalities surrounding Hillary and Bill for there to be absolutely nothing to it.  That legend will only be growing greater in the telling today.

Shawn Lucas brought a fraud lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee over the WikiLeaks emails that revealed the collusion to prevent Bernie Sanders from gaining any real traction in the Democratic primaries.  Now, Shawn Lucas is dead.  He was found dead in his bathroom, cause of death currently unknown.

Last month, Seth Conrad Rich, a 27-year-old campaign staffer was murdered.  The assailant took nothing, leaving wallet and cell phone at the scene.  Reports indicate that Rich was apparently soon to talk to the FBI regarding something that may or may not have been related to the Clinton family.  We’ll never know for sure, but that’s the story that is going around on the Internet.

Is it true?  Are the Clinton body bags getting fuller?  Is Hillary or her associates systematically rooting out anyone that may be a problem for her presidential ambitions?  Or is this just another “right-wing conspiracy” as Hillary boldly proclaimed the Monica Lewinsky scandal to be, which as we all know turned out to be completely true.  The videos below are some of the ones going around that paint a bad picture of what is going on and even going as far as to hypothesize on who may be next on the hit list.  Did Bernie get off the list just in time?  Was slipping off like a thief in the night to Vermont and withdrawing from the Democratic Party the only way to stay breathing a few years longer?  What do you think?