Who is More Qualified to be President of the United States? Hillary or Donald?

In an election year such as this one, a lot is going to be made of which candidate is more qualified to be President of the United States.  Is it Hillary Clinton, a former Senator and Secretary of State whose actions in these posts have absolutely dogged her presidential ambitions?   Or is it Donald Trump, a blowhard that has absolutely no political experience?  Who do we trust?  The one that has experience, but Benghazied the heck out of it, or the one that has no political experience at all?  The answer?  Check your facts.

That's it.  Game over.
That’s it. Game over.

The qualifications for being President of the United States are perhaps the simplest part of our entire system of government.  You must be 35 years of age.  You must have lived in the nation for 14 years.  You must be alive and breathing.

That’s it.

So, when you see people trying to break this down into a qualification battle, remember one thing.  This country was built on the idea that any American citizen anywhere in this country could grow up one day to be President.  In a lot of ways, President Barack Obama took that message even further than ever before.  So, stop trying to blame whatever real reason you have for which candidate you support on qualifications, for better or for worse.  That’s not it and you know it.