Pokemon Go Tied to Satanic and Illuminati Rituals, Symbolism — Fun Past Time or More to the Story?

Well if you are alive in the summer of 2016, chances are you know something about the Pokemon craze.  Now, Pokemon is nothing new, mind you, but Pokemon Go is a new game that can be played wherever you are right on your smart phone.  The game uses global

Do these friendly guys really look like they are waiting to take you to the gates of Hell?
Do these friendly guys really look like they are waiting to take you to the gates of Hell?

navigation systems to create an experience that meshes an imaginary world with reality.  The Pokemon creatures can be “found” at real world locations and captured to be used in game.

The overwhelming popularity of Pokemon Go is taking the cult classic to a whole new generation, with thousands of people that knew next to nothing about Pokemon a few weeks ago quickly becoming certifiable experts.  But some in conspiracy circles are chattering that maybe there is more to the Pokemon story than is immediately visible.  Could Pokemon not be just a fun past time, but something more?

Regardless of what you think about some of the theories below, there is a question as to whether Pokemon Go’s mixing of imagination and real world locations is completely safe.  There are already reports of car wrecks because of Pokemon “sightings.”  There are also incidents where people with bad intentions have lured people to locations by use of the game.  That being said, the theories in the videos below go way past just thinking maybe it’s a little dangerous to be Pokemon hunting on the interstate at 80 miles per hour.  We’re talking serious stuff here.

You’ve got it all.  There are people that actually think that Pokemon is demonic and is a gateway to worshipping Satan.  Others believe that Pokemon is connected to the Illuminati and go really in depth pointing out symbolism throughout Pokemon’s many iterations over the years.  There’s  even a feel-good Pokemon rap that when played backwards references, well, all of the above with a 666 thrown in for good measure.  So, what do you think?  Is Pokemon Go another harbinger of the New World Order takeover?  Is it demonic?  Do you think there are Illuminati and sex symbols buried inside Pokemon?

Or do you think that maybe it’s just a fun and convenient game to play with friends, and at least it has a lot of people out moving and basking in the sunshine this summer instead of binging on Netflix or cranking up the Playstation?  Is anything safe from Illuminati conspiracy theories?  We want to hear what you think in the comments below.

Not all of the videos below support the theories, as you will see.  Some people find it quite humorous.  Of course, those same people might not even notice if the Illuminati knocked on their door.