Donald Trump “I Would Run as a Republican” Meme is Fiction — Even Snopes Grudgingly Agrees

You have probably seen the meme about Donald Trump in a magazine interview with People in the 1980s saying that if he was going to run for President, he would do it as a Republican because they are the dumbest voters and would fall for everything.  It’s being passed around, but the buck stops here.  It’s fiction.  It never happened.

trumppeopleDon’t believe Common Sense Conspiracy.  Then believe Snopes.  They have come out and revealed that this is fiction, and believe you me, if you know anything about Snopes, they wanted more than anyone for that meme to be based on truth.  Snopes is no stranger to towing a liberal agenda, so you gotta give them credit on this one.

In this age, it’s so easy for someone to grab an image online and paste whatever they want to attach to it and make it seem legitimate.  But there is more to worry about here than just a dirty trick by someone very against Mr. Donald Trump.

What’s worse is that despite everything out there that one could criticize that Donald Trump has actually said, people are having to fabricate new ones to try to discredit him.  That’s scary in and of itself, don’t you think?