DNC Speech Proves that Bernie Sanders is Hillary Clinton’s Bitch Now and Forever — Feel the Bern?

Many Republicans were sickened by what Senator Ted Cruz did with his time at the Republican National Convention.  He refused to endorse Donald Trump to the very end, even at the cost of his own political career.  He stood up for what he believed in, and a  lot of people were dismayed or even angry by it.

Don’t have to worry about that with Bernie Sanders.  Even after finding very publicly that he was right all along and the DNC rigged the whole thing from the very beginning, Bernie was more than happy to blow the horn for peace and become Hillary Clinton’s bitch, the way he was always supposed to.  He could have stood up for so many things in his so-called “revolution” but instead he decided to play the Washington game, and he the one that was supposed to be different.

RIP, Bernie.  Your fifteen minutes ended.  So many people believed in you, and yet you turned out to be a little Hillary Rodham Clinton bitch in the end, didn’t you?

You made history, Bernie.  We are all now feeling the Bern, because you ended up being the biggest political bitch of all time.

It’s an honor to be there tonight, isn’t it Bernie?  You are right.  An honor to be able to claim this dubious distinction.