Supreme Court Rules Against President Obama’s Executive Amnesty Orders, No Matter What He Likes to Call It

Politicians survive and thrive by manipulating facts to look this way or that way. President Barack Obama is no different. Some may even call him a master of it. Today, the Supreme Court ruled against his executive amnesty orders that would shelter millions of illegal immigrants effective immediately. This was a major controversy when he issued the order, effectively circumventing Congress and disregarding public opinion. Naturally, those that disagreed took him to task for it, and the case ended up in the Supreme Court.
Now, if Justice Antonin Scalia had not passed away earlier this year, the decision would have been the same but it would have been impossible to skew the details. Scalia’s death left the Supreme Court without its tiebreaker vote, leaving the possibility of a tie, such as in this case, until a new Justice is appointed. Republicans have stonewalled that process, wanting to keep hope alive that they somehow win the next election and get a conservative justice appointed. In any case, President Obama responded to the Supreme Court’s decision today by saying that they could not come to a decision. This is simply not true, and as a supposed Constitutional law professor, President Obama should certainly know this. A tie vote in the Supreme Court means that the previous court’s order that was appealed is upheld. That might seem unfair depending on how you feel about issues, but that is the law that is on the books. In the event of a tie, this is what happens. This decision is not on hold until a new justice comes along to break the tie, no matter how Obama frames it in his speeches. The decision is a Supreme Court decision just like any other decision. It’s the law of the land. President Obama’s executive amnesty orders are dead.
We are reporting on this not because we are supporting what the Supreme Court did, but only because Common Sense Conspiracy hates to see pretty words alter the public’s perspective of things. While we fully expect President Obama to use everything at his disposal to bend this his way politically, we also reserve the right to make sure our readers understand the actual law and what really happened. From a conspiracy perspective, the real thing about this ruling is it demonstrates why a government murder of Justice Scalia is basically useless. There are many conspiracy theories about his death that was a little unorthodox, but the bottom line is that those that some believe may have wanted Scalia dead have not benefitted at all. There is no liberal justice appointed. This ruling and many others are going the way they would have gone anyway if Scalia were alive and well.