Police Kill Americans at an Alarming Rate, and They are Not Just Minorities

We all know the controversy surrounding various incidents between African Americans and police officers over the years. It was particularly bad this past year, with multiple questionable incidents where unarmed men were killed by police. Well, while there is definitely a problem with the way the numbers are distributed (despite a lower percentage of the population, African Americans have a disproportionate amount deaths at the hands of police), it is more than just a racial issue. American police forces are killing

When exactly is it okay for police to kill unarmed individuals, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity?
When exactly is it okay for police to kill unarmed individuals, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity?

Americans at an alarming rate no matter how you look at it, and while there may be some racial bias involved in those numbers, the fact of the matter is that it is an across-the-board problem as well.
In American politics, we often hear about gun control, gun control, and more gun control as an answer to problems. And yet, hundreds of Americans are being gunned down by police while they are unarmed. The media touts when this happens to African Americans, but the truth is it just happens a whole lot any way you look at it.
We at Common Sense Conspiracy are not trying to downplay the racial aspect, but we also believe that focusing on the racial aspect takes away from a broader look at the problem that American police just seem to think that using deadly force is a pretty available option. You don’t have to be that sure. Shoot first and ask questions later. The video below from The Guardian sums up both parts of the equation quite nicely, and it is particularly disturbing when you compare it per capita to other nations. It seems that American police are getting braver and braver when it comes to pulling the trigger on unarmed civilians, and yet everyone points to civilians having guns as the big problem. Maybe the police should practice gun control first instead of trying to force it on the population as a whole. Perhaps we are getting to a point where civilians legitimately need guns to protect themselves from officers of the law as well as criminals. How did we get here?