Multiple Shooters in Orlando Nightclub Massacre? Evidence Mounting Against the Official Story

Yesterday, we examined the possibility that the Orlando nightclub shootings could have been a government-sponsored false flag operation and how what kind of political implications it might have in a hotly-contested presidential election year. Today, we have seen a rise in information concerning a government cover-up regarding how many shooters. It seems there are a lot of references online and in eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters, shots coming from different directions, patterns of bullet strikes that don’t make sense, and some doubt as to whether one person could have killed that many people with the equipment provided in the official story. There is also some accounts that accomplices barred the exits so that people couldn’t get out.

These stories are very interesting and really make you wonder what really happened at The Pulse Sunday morning. However, we do ask our readers to take a step back and remember a few things about this. One, eyewitness accounts can be contradictory. People were scared for their lives. It was mass chaos and confusion. There is almost always contradictory reports in the heat of the moment after an event like this takes place. We’re not saying they are wrong, but only that it should at least be considered. Also, there is again the question of motivations. What reason would the government have to conceal a second or third gunman? To prevent panic? To make the situation even scarier than it already was? What’s scarier than a couple of more radical Islamic gunmen on the loose?

These accounts are interesting and should definitely be analyzed. However, they are far from incontrovertible evidence of a conspiracy. That could change by the minute, though, as more information becomes available. There is also a huge question of why is no surveillance footage being released or at least referred to by the government investigation. Surely there were cameras in and around The Pulse. Keep tuned to Common Sense Conspiracy for the latest theories and analysis as more information is revealed.