Conspiracy Forums Working Overtime After Orlando Shootings — False Flag, Crisis Actors, and Political Implications?

The Pulse is a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida that will now forever be associated with the deadliest mass shooting in American history. This is a terrible event that we regret to report on here at Common Sense Conspiracy, but we can’t ignore it as conspiracy forums are alive with buzz regarding this latest major news story. As always, we point out that Common Sense Conspiracy is not here to report the news. There are plenty of sites doing that all over the Internet. We are giving a conspiracy-minded analysis and giving you basically a digest of some of the theories that have sprung up over the course of today.

The Pulse shootings are different not just because of a record 50 people having lost their lives, but also because this is an obvious out-and-out terrorist attack, even being recognized by the government. ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the attack. There is no way to spin this as “workplace violence” or whatever nonsense the government uses to pad its stats or change the narrative. This is a terrorist attack. It is another instance of radical Islamic extremists committing murder in the name of their religion and god. But even in that it is different this time. Previous terrorist attacks have taken shots at mainstream America in general. This was focused. This was a religious message to another degree. It is no secret that the Muslim religion is intolerant of homosexuals. As a matter of fact, they make the fight for gay rights in America look like child’s play. No one would argue that the way gays are treated in Muslim-dominated nations is not even comparable to the way they are treated in the United States. While Christianity is intolerant of them to some degree, it’s pretty easy to see the difference. If you still don’t understand, just look for pictures of the Pulse nightclub. Christians argue over whether they should bake a cake for a gay wedding. Muslims slaughter them. It’s a big difference.

On the Internet, when one of these situations arises, there is always that group of people that make the false flag claim. This is no different. We have included a video below that is already online where the claim is made that crisis actors were present at the Orlando shootings. While this is interesting, we at the CSC are looking at the facts and we just can’t see why this would be a false flag situation. First of all, most false flags in the past were part of a push for gun control. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders will certainly try to bend this that way, but the reality is that this is a terrorist attack. No one buys that this guy would have given up on this plot if he had not been able to easily purchase an assault weapon. It is not yet even known whether the assault weapon was purchased legally or not. There is an excellent chance that will be a big negative. So, if this were a false flag operation, it would have to be supporting a different agenda. Politically, terrorist attacks benefit the Republican Party because they are perceived as tougher militarily and in the war on terror than Democrats. So, once again, what could be the agenda being pushed here? What would be the point of a false flag like this? Without a motive, we find it difficult to even entertain the notion.

So, if we concede that this is not a false flag and is really a terrorist attack on a gay nightclub, what are the political implications? The gay and lesbian community has historically supported the Democratic Party in America for obvious reasons. Until last year, the Republican Party had successfully blocked rights to marriage for gay citizens of the United States. That was undone by the Supreme Court last summer, and despite numerous legal challenges, the United States now has 100% legal gay marriages throughout the fifty states. So, a major reason for gay people to default to the Democratic Party is settled and off the table. Now, the Democratic Party openly refuses to recognize radicalized Islam and continues to want to bring Muslim refugees into the country. They also continue a watered-down fight on ISIS in many people’s views. If this is a beginning of Muslim extremists slaughtering homosexuals on American soil, could it change their mind about their political affiliations? This is only a theory and analysis. Common Sense Conspiracy famously believes that America’s two-party system is really a one-party system that is bought and paid for by the New World Order to come. However, an event like this can change the way people perceive things, and it could even directly affect the presidential election this November.

What do you think? Is this a false flag for gun control? A real terrorist attack? Do you believe what they are telling us? We want to hear what you think in the comments below. Then again, it could all be an Illuminati blood sacrifice, as nonchalantly theorized in the second video below. What can we say? It goes literally from one end to the spectrum to the other.

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  1. There is a list of victims names that were shot and killed. There should also be 49 funerals to go with those 49 names, and 1 funeral of a shooter that will be hidden so people don’t deface the grave of the shooter.

    Grave sites and funerals are not cheap.
    And 50 of them is a major cost.

  2. i would say fuck those lazy internet keyboard warriors. go to the Orlando, go to the hospitals, go to the police, go to the club to see for yourself.

    you think all these people are in with the hoax. fuck them.

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